First of all, Canadian sources tell me that it’s Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians! Please eat an entire box of Tim Horton’s for me. While you’re recovering:

Now Blake Lively is dating Ryan Reynolds. That girl should give lessons. (Lainey)

Queen is contemplating a new lead singer: LADY GAGA. Which I think we called. Okay, we said it was going to be Jo Calderone, but…you know. If we get too deeply into the differences between Lady Gaga and her alter-ego, we might as well just call Chris Gaines and make it a party. (Time)

– I love SWINTON. (Obviously.) In this interview about her new movie, We Need To Talk About Kevin - which sounds terrifying — she says that it’s everyone’s worst nightmare that they’re going to give birth to the devil. (Except way more articulately.) That would be challenging. (Celebitchy)

– And THIS is why you don’t leave your laptop running when your ex is skulking around your dorm room: Denard Robinson (the Michigan quarterback more commonly known as “Shoelace,” because he never ties his; he is INSANELY GOOD) had his Twitter hacked with predictable results. Thank god we didn’t have Twitter when I was in college. (HuffPo)

There was a Princess Bride reunion on GMA this morning and nobody told me? (Sans Mandy Patinkin, who I assume is off telling people to prepare to die). (Best Week Ever)

– Yeah, you want to look at these old Polaroids from UCB of Amy Poehler in various characters, including Cleopatra and I think a toothless orphan? (NY Mag)

This take on Kanye West’s fashion show is delightfully bitchy, especially considering the source. (The New York Times)

– Speaking of “designers,” did you know that The Situation has A TUXEDO LINE? Has he ever…WORN — nay, SEEN — a tuxedo? (Styleite)

– It will make you feel better to read about these ten best-sellers that were originally rejected. Really. (Flavorwire)

– The recent Google science fair? Yeah, it was swept by teen girls. Which rules. (New York Times)

– This is awesome: Words with no English translation. You guys, I tartle ALL the time. (Mental Floss)

– On the sad occasion of Steve Jobs’ death, you have probably seen a lot of quotes of his floating around, many of which are from a commencement address he gave at Stanford. If you haven’t read the entire thing, you really ought to. It’s inspiring — and very poignant, now. (Stanford)