Let’s ALSO use this as an excuse to talk about Hart of Dixie:

First of all: having Rachel Bilson, Jason Street, and the incomparably charming Cress Williams back on my TV is never a bad thing. That show somehow manages to be totally likeable and watchable while still not being particularly great. Rachel Bilson is delightful, but she is not believable as a doctor, like, at all. Jaime King spends each episode dressed like she’s still in Pearl Harbor. On Bilson, there are a LOT of formal shorts — actually, remind me next week that we need to take a closer look at those formal shorts. The small-town-Southern thing is pushed over the top to where I seriously expect one of the extras to show up barefoot and chewing on a piece of hay and holding a pig. And yet: charming. I don’t know. I love me some Summer Roberts. But do we love this outfit? On the pro side: she sure is cute. On the con side: my mom had this tablecloth. On the pro side: that table cloth makes kind of a good dress! On the con side: IT’S COLD. On the pro side: her hair is SO SHINY.

What's the verdict?

  • She looks adorable. Full stop. (71%, 7,678 Votes)
  • SHE looks adorable, but this is a little weird for me. (18%, 1,953 Votes)
  • I don't even think she looks that adorable, period. (11%, 1,187 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,820

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