This might be a case of Hey, Look Who Fugged It Equally, but let’s get jiggy with it anyway. You might recall Zooey Deschanel sporting a version of this at the premiere of My Idiot Brother, and now booted X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole — or should I say Ex Factor, HA HA HA, sigh, Friday is never my best mental day — popped by the musical version of Shrek in the West End wearing it:

Something about the pelvic ruffles seems different — less elaborate — and Cheryl’s shoes are a bit cutesier. On the one hand, Zooey’s preponderance of crotch flaps gives her groin a Venus Flytrap flavor, as if her ladycage is going as the Little Shop of Horrors this Halloween and was just testing its costume. On the other, the half-hearted ruffle Cheryl is sporting looks kind of discount, like she couldn’t afford the full flytrap, so instead she just looks like she’s been cheaply cross-bred with a French maid. I’m thinking my answer is going to be, “Sigh, both of them are serving up their heads on a clown platter,” but for fun, let’s aim for optimism. SOMEONE has to have done it better, right?

So who was it? Which version do you think is LESS fug?

  • Zooey's (42%, 3,203 Votes)
  • Cheryl's (58%, 4,432 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,637

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[Photo: Pacific Coast News]