Well Played, Gillian Anderson


And with one well-employed caftan-esque ensemble, Gillian Anderson joins the cast of thousands in my unwritten, epic English Country House Weekend Party Murder/Romance/Time-Travel mini-series:

Obviously, she plays a HIGHLY eccentric American with a wandering accent and a tendency to go on at length about aliens, a habit of informing people over and over and over again that she is a medical doctor (she is particularly experienced at autopsies!), a nasty way of NEVER believing anyone with a less than perfectly rational story, and a hang-up for some handsome but paranoid weirdo she’s left behind in the States. She is actually a somewhat irksome houseguest, but at least her dress is FANTASTIC.

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Comments (40):

  1. llism

    Wow–she looks great!

  2. Emma

    Seriously? I loathe this. She looks like Morticia Addams takes Miami. And why is her hair doing the Sarah Palin pouf?

  3. Hannibal Lecter

    I don’t care for that dress too much, with the pattern off-center and the seams so uglily not matching up. It just has the whiff of…the homemade.

  4. Sandra

    Well, it is National Novel Writing Month; I would be willing for you guys to take a sabbatical from GFY to bust out this story. Do it as a novel first and then adapt it for television. Make sure that the terms of the contract include Hot Neville as the star. ;D

  5. PB

    Those boobs obviously aren’t matronly, but everything else about it manages to make her look like a “woman of a certain age.”

    • Bonnie Klein

      She IS a woman of a certain age. Nothing wrong with that – I am as well, and it is a good place to be. I think she looks great, sexy but not vulgar. I want one! Does Nordstrom have a formal caftan department?

  6. Kate

    I love it; also she looks like Leelee sobiesky (sp?) who is many years her junior.

  7. LoriK

    I can deal with the caftan, but that hair is sorta cray and her booular issues are making me nuts. She needed a bra because without one they’re all cattywompus and that is not a good look.

    • PB

      I just love the word cattywompus. I am also pretty fond of pell-mell.

      By the way, it’s actually catawampus, but I like your spelling better. It makes me think of cats, high as hell on cat nip, running pell-mell all over the place. It’s onomatopoetic.

  8. A.J.

    Why don’t you go ahead and write it as a novel? Fug Nation would read it!

  9. Bella

    Love it.

  10. Linda

    Is it just me or has she gotten even better looking the last couple years?

    Maybe the DD hook up is giving her that glow.

    • Katie Lynn

      She looks like she’s aging backwards. Maybe she is actually Benjamin Button!

  11. JENNY

    Loooooooooooooooooooooove that dress! And your mini-series needs to happen!

  12. amys

    DD hookup? For real?

    In the thumbnail, I thought it was Evan Rachel Wood and assumed it was a wedding dress photo or something.

  13. Helen

    She herself looks timelessly beautiful, as always, but the “dress”?

    South Beach Swimsuits, meet Maude.

    If it were just Maude, I probably could get on board.

  14. Nancy

    I miss the red hair.

  15. TereLiz

    To me, she looks stunning, but I just saw her in the Encore original Miniseries, The Crimson Petal and the White, as Sugar’s cranky, crazy old landlady/madam/pimp. She looked like the best kind of hell, and was just amazing.

  16. McLisa

    I love this dress and she looks AMAZING.

    I also miss her red hair.

  17. TonyG

    Gillian!!!! Love her! That is one fun dress. She looks great.

  18. Holly Hamilton

    Evan Rachel Wood in ten years+
    But I’m thrilled with her marriage to Billy Elliot. So sweet.

  19. Vandalfan

    The heck? I don’t care for this horrid, windblown patio furniture with split seams look AT ALL.

  20. Trixibelle

    I always get really excited when I see the tag ‘FICTIONAL ENGLISH MINISERIES’

  21. Esme

    I think it’s pretty, and it would have looked great with RED HAIR!

  22. Maureen McDonald Ramsay

    With the angle of the picture, her clutch looks like a sandwich! I also miss her red hair!!!

  23. Lily1214

    Except for the neckline it’s definitely mother-of-the-bride.

  24. Leggygal

    I love this, it has an ethereal quality. Like what Gillian might have looked like if her Miss Haversham hadn’t been stood up at the altar. The truth is out there and I like it

  25. Guerra

    This does nothing for her skin tone & hair colour

  26. Lilibet

    Lily Bart in The House of Mirth more than Scully in this outfit. Love her.

  27. Sajorina

    If I was to ever wear a caftan, it would be this one! COVET! FAB!

  28. Carrie

    I love this from h-2-t, as Tyra would say, but I am totally biased when it comes to Gillian Anderson, so this might be a moot comment.

  29. fritanga

    This is waaaay too “Palm Desert Septuagenarian Saturday Night on the Paseo” for me. Anderson is still much too young for this getup and hairdo.

  30. gryt

    She looks GREAT!

  31. amy

    I think it’s a touch over-the-top, but she looks fantastic, so good on her! Love her. We just re-watched the entire X-Files, season by season, and she consistently looks better and better as she goes. <3

  32. Elise