Regular readers of GFY know that I have a long-running schtick where I note that various people, based on their outfits, have been cast in what I call my Fictional English Country House Miniseries. It is a VERY COMPLICATED and star-studded program at this point; Hayley Atwell stars (I feel like that is a given at this point), Matthew Davis has a star turn as the sexy bad boy who is only bad because of EMOTIONAL PAIN (obviously), Benedict Cumberbatch’s noble country doctor character tragically dies in the middle of it when saving someone from a fire (when I wrote that post, several of Barleywater Casteroil’s mega-fans misread it and interpreted it to mean that I literally wanted him, the human person, to die in a fire; oh, the tweets we got!), etc. Now, please welcome Naomi Watts to the cast, as the louche and possibly evil wife of one of the Weekend Country House Party guests. She slinks around in this gown, being very beautiful and saying INCREDIBLY MEAN THINGS to people; it’s a great part for Naomi, who rarely, if ever, gets to play straight-up awful. She also, clearly, gets to look great. Win-win!

[Janet Mayer/]