I have to admit that I kinda love this. It’s so romantic — she looks like she’s auditioning for our English Country House Miniseries, and I MIGHT be moved by the look alone. It’s Johanna Ortiz, and it’s… $2200. It’s perfect for a fall wedding, if you have $2200 in your Fancy Fall Wedding Outfit Budget, and I truly hope you do, for your sake, because that sounds nice! Someone, pick this up for Princess Eugenie’s wedding. Yeah, it’s technically too long for the daytime dress code, but we can work with it. Someone can hem it!)

This next photo feels very, “someone gave me this bag for free, and I want to make sure you get a good shot of it!” which is probably true and, honestly, kinda professional of her. She didn’t tag the bag on her Insta, though! Babe, you gotta give out the credits. Also….because I like this bag and I need to know how much, exactly, I cannot afford it:

Cartier Queen's Cup at Guard's Polo Club, Windsor Great Park, UK - 17 Jun 2018

“When will I be cast in a British period piece? Don’t forget: I AM BRITISH.”

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