I feel like like if they aren’t actually technically draped in velvet, they at least look like they considered draping themselves in velvet. And it occurs to me that I haven’t mentioned my long-running fictional British country house miniseries in a very long time. (The conceit there is that I cast someone in a new role in this by now VERY complex drama whenever they show up at an event looking like they’re a character in a dramatic period piece 1930s British country house miniseries which, last I checked, had time travel, imminent Nazis obviously, Naomi Watts in a dual role because I cast her in one part after forgetting I’d already killed her off in another, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s character heroically dying in a fire [people on the internet got mad at me for that because they thought I wanted to kill the man himself and I had to clarify that no, he’s playing a role, and hisĀ character dies, and it’s EXTREMELY AFFECTING].) (The back half of the Trump administration plus the election plus the insurrection plus the pandemic really took it out of me, creatively speaking.) Anyway, I guess I’m back and this cast of thousands now has two more: A rich married couple who are beautiful and chic but at least one and possibly both of them is glamorously evil and running a con on the owners of the estate — who may or may not deserve it.

[Photo: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Shutterstock]