Last night, Naomi hosted Worldwide Orphans 14th Annual Gala (that’s a charity that benefits — as you might guess from the name — children around the world, and it seems like an excellent cause).  I LOVE this dress on her, and it totally reminds me that she’s in my Fictional English Countryhouse Miniseries, as a snappy American who smokes a lot and is kinda mean, and wears things exactly like this while leaning on the grand piano and saying cutting things to our heroine. (She’s mostly mean because she’s married to someone mean, and HE’S mostly just mean because he’s secretly gay and carries around a lot of angst about not being able to be his true self; it’s all very sad, really. Don’t worry, many of these people will have a personally illuminating moment during the episode with the Tragical House Fire.) I feel like this is exactly how I would have dressed if I had been alive when people wore dresses like this all the time and also if I had been rich during the time period. I love it.

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[Photo: Getty Images for Worldwide Orphans]