In which Jessica Chastain lands herself a guest-starring role in my fictional, long-running, all-star English countryhouse mini-series (which now boasts an Oscar winner in a secondary role, as Brie Larson is in it as…let me look this up...”the sassy younger sister of the Haley Atwell character, who fancies herself a great detective [very Flavia de Luce]” whom Neville Longbottom nobly goes on to rescue from all manner of possible misfortune). She’s, quite obviously, the beautiful and mega-famous American actress with a dark and tragic secret, who masks her pain with champagne and men, who looks FANTASTIC and wears AMAZING jewelry the entire time. There will be several Instagram accounts dedicated to this character’s style, but mostly to her fabulous hair.

[Photo by FeatureflashSHM/REX/Shutterstock]