In which the slideshow marks the return of a favorite coat, and the reveal of a new one!

And, if you missed it earlier this week, we had a LOT of royal-related coverage. To wit:

Kate trotted out an old familiar winter white coat. (And we talked a LOT about tights.)

The Brits all came out for Remembrance Sunday. (And Wills looked foine in his hat.)

Kate also attended the Festival of Remembrance in something somberly cocktail-y. (That was surprisingly successful)

Elsewhere, of potential interest to you:

At Town & Country: Prince William and Prince Harry Will Play Stormtroopers in the New Star Wars Film

Oh, god bless our friends at Tatler. This is a bit old, but enjoyable: 10 things you didn’t know about the Crown Jewels. I really liked this one: “During the State Opening of Parliament in 1845, the Duke of Argyll, who was carrying the Imperial State Crown on a cushion, awkwardly let it slip off and crash to the ground. Queen Victoria described it as ‘all crushed and squashed, looking like a pudding that had sat down’.” I’m going to steal that for something.

At the CBC: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Lots of speculation and a new kind of royal relationship.

Related, from Vanity Fair: Meghan Markle Is Warned Not to Quit Acting, by Someone Who Has Been There Before

And related to THAT! Meghan Markle is DONE with Suits; Lainey speculates on what might be next.

Order of Splendor’s flashback today was to Queen Elizabeth’s wedding gown, and it’s very interesting. (Her 70th wedding anniversary is Monday.)

People revisits Kate and William’s engagement interview, which came out seven years ago this week. That’s still quite a good dress.

And, on social media:

I HAVE to start with this, as it is A DELIGHT:

When you rock up to the party feeling a little over dressed

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Our First Haircut. Photos by HSH Princess Charlene

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