Americans! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is THURSDAY? I have A LOT to do before I can post that gif of Monica Gellar shimmying with a turkey on her head. But before you get chopping….

Do you need some FESTIVE SHINY SHOES? We’ve got you covered.

ICYMI: Blake Shelton is People’s Sexiest Man Alive?

Speaking of, Lainey has an interesting take on what it means if the Koch brothers are successful in purchasing People.

This is a beautiful essay, at The Rumpus: To Look For America: A Road Trip, A Soundtrack 

At NPR:  ‘General Hospital’ Was ‘The Dope’ In Prison — And Kept Him Out Of Trouble.

Racked brings us this fascinating and excellent look at all the free shit that beauty editors are sent, and what happens to it. To wit: “Over the course of my almost eight-year career, I’ve been blacklisted by brands that took offense to things they considered negative, even if it was a source saying it in a story I’ve written and not any kind of editorializing. I’ve been left off guest lists, denied interviews, kept off product mailings, blocked from backstage access at fashion shows, screamed at on the phone by founders, and sent angry emails when I’ve said less-than-glowing things or covered news that the brand didn’t want attention on.” (When we worked for New York, we once got banned at Fashion Week by an entire PR company because we quoted someone saying that the PR firm misinterpreted as being negative. Yes, as front row reporters, we reported a celebrity saying something that the PR company misread, and because that celebrity said something they mistakenly thought was negative, we got banned. I have to admit, Fashion Week of the mid-aughts was really REALLY fun — that’s not me being sarcastic. I love that story [although being banned was frustrating because it made us harder to do our jobs].)

Relevant to many of your interests, at Collectors Weekly: True Kilts: Debunking the Myths About Highlanders and Clan Tartans

EW brings us 40 fictional books from movies and TV shows we wish we could read 

This is a really interesting piece, in the New York Times Magazine: Modest Dressing, as a Virtue. “By embracing the covered-up look, you declare yourself part of a particular psychographic tribe, one whose members don’t just dress for other women, but for a particular subset of other women — those who get it, who are sophisticated enough to understand that opting out of conventional beauty standards makes for its own kind of conceptual, better-than-thou fashion. It also, however, has the feel of a real dare. Observing this version of feminist signaling, which conflates the rebel, haphazard spirit of a Bloomsbury Group-like smockishness with traces of early ’90s grunge and a dash of post-bellum Sunday best, we might begin to ask ourselves: What happens when women start dressing in ways that are less than conventionally flattering? Why are they doing it? And what does it look like when fashion choices that might have been linked to female oppression perform in the service of liberation?”

This Pajiba headline made me giggle at my desk: Let’s Play ‘America’s Next Top Batfleck’!  

Via Celebitchy, Serena Williams got married! Mazel tov to the happy couple, and I can’t wait to see Serena back out on the court.

A late edit to note that Vogue just released their exclusive pics from Serena’s wedding and everyone looks fab and that baby is SO SQUASHY AND PERFECT. (Anna Wintour hilariously looks like she’s at a runway show in all the pictures.)

This is FASCINATING, at Vulture: Christie’s Is Selling This Painting for $100 Million. They Say It’s by Leonardo. I Have Doubts. Big Doubts.

Bloomberg sent someone to the Grey Gardens estate sale.

Also great, at Racked: Why the Movies Are So Obsessed With Capes

At Revelist: Torrid’s new Harry Potter collection is pretty cute.

At Refinery29, they’re already rounding up the best Cyber Monday sales.

At Esquire: Warped Tour Was a Music Institution. And It Will Not Be Missed. “DAVE [HOLMES]: Can I tell you something else I learned about the Warped Tour by being a band wife? The first time I saw The Mighty Regis, I got way up close to the stage, and as they were sound-checking, I noticed that each one of them was drinking a Monster Energy Drink. This is a healthy bunch of people in their 30s we’re talking about here, and I’d seen their medical-transport tour bus off just days before. Had the Vans ethos infected their spirits so thoroughly, so quickly? That much sugar, guarana seed extract, and green dye #6, in this heat? Who were these people all of the sudden? I will tolerate many things, but Monster usage is not one of them. I confronted Ben just after their set as he popped open another can. And then he handed it to me. Spring water, disguised as an extreme beverage. A marketing ploy, as disgusting and unhealthy as Monster itself.”