I actually think this is cute, although I’m not sure if it’s exactly proportioned perfectly for her:

Let’s be frank: I mostly want to lengthen the skirt and cast her in my oft-discussed, never written 1930s English Houseparty Weekend Miniseries Starring Neville Longbottom as the sassy younger sister of the Haley Atwell character, who fancies herself a great detective (very Flavia de Luce) and who — because she is poorly supervised as ALL children in English Houseparty Books/Miniserieses are — ends up at the bottom of a well or stuck on a folly in the middle of a lake in a storm or breaks her ankle on a moor or something and of course needs to get rescued by Neville Longbottom, because he has Secret Bravery and Great Sensitivity (that of course the War will beat out of him in the sequel; it will be quite moving).  And this dress will be FABULOUSLY ruined by the inclement weather. And everyone on the internet will say both “wow, Brie Larson was kind of too old for that part,” but ALSO “did you ever think, watching 21 Jump Street, that Brie Larson could do such a great English accent?” It’s going to be great. Hire your dialect coach and start using moisturizer now, honey!