Well Played, Claire Danes


Can we just talk about how great everyone is on Homeland? Claire Danes walks this brilliant line between sanity and mania, and Damian Lewis is magnificent at conveying that his character is having a thousand thoughts at once, without betraying what any of them actually are. He’s fascinatingly inscrutable. It’s a very taut show; I’m very glad I forgot to cancel Showtime. Sometimes having a mind like a sieve leads to accidental enrichment — or at least that’s what I’ll tell myself, assuming I remember I said it in the first place.

In addition to nailing it at work, Claire has been representing pretty damn well on the red carpet:

There’s a slight Essence of Tablecloth here,  but… you know, at least it’s a very well-made tablecloth. Not like one of those ones that never seems to lie straight no matter how meticulously you tug it. Plus, I want to enjoy a red dress. Come January, after twelve people have worn this color to the Golden Globes, I’m going to box up anything red in my closet and paint my car green and stop eating marinara. So right now I’m going to revel in this making me happy, however inexplicable that might be to the anti-tablecloth contingent, whose concerns I hear and acknowledge even if I can’t give them my vote.

I also find myself liking this:

At first, I was scared that if this dress were a font, it would be Comic Sans — you know, trying to be jovial, but ultimately making us all uncomfortable because its jokes aren’t actually very funny and it’s sweating through its shirt. I don’t know why, but I think it’s because the skirt felt like a high-fashion jester. But then I decided that this dress would be, say, Garamond — fairly straightforward, with a respectable serif, but also a few light doses of originality that set it apart. Which leads me to two very important questions: What font do you think this dress is, and more importantly, who or what is the Comic Sans of fashion? Me, I think might be just about anything Marchesa has done in the last year, and/or anything Blake Lively has worn since she broke up with DiCaprio. But I am open to suggestions. Bring it, Font Nation.

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  1. kirstyk

    The second one is just no good. Too old for her. And so boxy.

  2. daisy

    is it just me or does anyone else see a kind of minimalist (and long) cheer leader outfit in the 2nd one?
    Love the first one without reservation though.

    • LoriK

      Not just you.

      • Popcouver

        yepp, it looks like a dress Rachel Berry wore in last week’s Glee that from the chest up looked like a Cheerios cheerleader costume.

    • strah

      I agree. The outfit in the second photo does look like a conservative cheerleader outfit.

    • Bevvie Hedstrom

      Sis Boom Bah.

    • Anne B

      She wants me to “give her an A!!” and I would much rather “give her a C!”.

      In this outfit, anyway.

    • Miranda

      Well, in a way, that’s appropriate for her, then–she has a real love for minimalist clothes, it seems.

  3. DiegoGrace

    The second picture is tennis dress up top and 50s cheerleading skirt on the bottom. Blech.

    • Christian

      Ha! Now I can’t un-see it. To me, the peep-toe shoes don’t help either. I really wish she had done WAY more with her hair in both these outfits, and worn some nice makeup (nail polish and lipstick, STAT!). I do find the red dress, shoes, and purse lovely in the first photo. I’ll always have a soft spot for Ms. Danes. I’ve heard Homeland is great.

  4. nat

    I don’t care for the second one. Especially in comparison with the first, which I loved.

    And, I really love Garamond and I think Garamond is much more elegant than the second outfit. Although maybe not quite Comic Sans, it’s well below Garmond. Maybe Trebuchet? Minimalist yet a bit too boxy for my taste and things it’s cooler than it is.

    • witjunkie

      I was thinking Verdana, but yes, Trebuchet works too.

      I loved Garamond too and for years it was my default font.

  5. Chasmosaur

    Second one doesn’t hit her right, though it’s an interesting take on a color block dress.

    As for Comic Sans – it’s actually a font that isn’t badly designed for its’ purpose, but is used improperly by consumers and has become ubiquitous and loathed. I don’t know how that translates fashion wise – so many times here we blame the person wearing the dress and not the designer (which is where I think it belongs much of the time – I think these women wear what their stylists want them to much of the time).

    I’d say those McQueen”Zuul” dresses from a few years ago (See – http://gofugyourself.com/oscars_hayek031010-03-2010 ) People wore them because they were McQueen, but so few people SHOULD have been wearing them.

  6. Annie

    Jessica Simpson is the Comic Sans of fashion. More so before she got pregnant, though.

  7. Mahastee

    I love the first one and I also think that it is fine for dresses to look like tablecloths. Even better if they look like doilies, because that is so much more fun to say.

    I like the second dress in theory only, it seems to draw the eye right to her longish torso and makes her look… for want of a better word… boyish. Her figure is VERY enviable, but this doesn’t really flatter her.

    • ChristopherD

      And is it the computer I’m on or are there TWO very different REDS in the second dress. because if what I’m seeing is right then, no, just NO.

  8. Sandra

    My Comic Sans nominee is Stella McCartney. Totally not accomplishing what the originator set out to do.

    Can we have a Comic Sans tournament along with Fug Madness? Kinda like the NIT.

    • Chasmosaur

      Oh, I rescind my McQueen Zuul dress comment. Stella McCartney is PERFECT.

  9. emster

    Love the first one. The second one needs a different top portion — lower neckline and some softer sleeve action.

    Claire Danes – I know she uses that crazy “make your eyelashes grow but may turn your eyes permanently to a different color” stuff, and for the last few years, her eye makeup has always looked too dark to me.

  10. Nique

    I like Comic Sans! And I don’t care who knows it!

  11. Blue Buddha

    I very much like the first dress; it’s seasonally appropriate, fits well and kind of reminds me of a Tord Boontje lamp. The second one I also like, but I think I’d like it better if the red and black were reversed.

    McCartney = comic sans
    Marchessa = bleeding cowboys
    Von Furstenburg = helvetica

  12. Libby

    I definitely agree that Jessica Simpson is Comic Sans – most people who use this font have no idea how silly and inappropriate it is, much like her typical attire.

    A few others:
    Marchesa = Rage Italic?
    Swinton = Impact (‘natch)
    GaGa = She thinks she’s Jokerman, but she’s really one of the (incomprehensible) WingDings
    Rihanna & Niki Minaj = Jokerman

    OK, now back to work (in MS Word)…

    • Kris

      Libby – love your breakdown!! Especially the GaGa part!!!!

      Love the red dress. Her face looks too weirdly bronzed though…

    • Anne B

      Rihanna is Ransom. FOr suRe.

  13. fritanga

    I hate both (she makes most things look shapeless and hang-y) but I am predisposed to dislike everything she wears because I hate her. Glad to see her fried blond hair looks suitably terrible as well. Heh.

  14. comic sans
  15. Sarah

    First of all, Damian Lewis is magnificent, full stop. Also, Mandy Patinkin [AKA Inigo Montoyo, you killled my father, prepare to die] should be clearing out shelf spot for the Emmy he deserves.

    I LOVE the first dress. The second, not so much. I wish the waist was a little higher.

    • Halo

      That’s what bugs me, too. I think a higher waist would be more flattering because there is just so much white torso there as it is. But I don’t hate the second dress and this tweak might make it super cute. The first one is gorgeous!

  16. Deli

    WOW, those font jokes are super nerdy.

  17. Sheilah

    I freaking love the font analogy and second pre-pregnancy J. Simp as an embodiment of Comic Sans.
    I think I’d call this second dress more like Candara than Comic Sans. Unfortunately the most abiding image that occurred to me was something more along the lines of a circus ringmaster, but at a nice, sophisticated circus.

  18. Cee

    People who only know the free fonts on their computer, please stop.

    2nd dress is a cheerleader dressed up for a night at the circus.

  19. Lina

    God, the red one is so twee AND tablecloth-y. Do not want. The second one works much better for me. The color blocking is interesting without being overwhelming, and she isn’t making crazy eyes in the second photo. Her crazy eyes totally give me the creeps.

  20. Julia

    *Awesome* for bringing in the font analogy!

    The second dress is Century Gothic to me: a little unusual, not to everyone’s taste, but tasteful and not overwrought, nonetheless.

    And I think that the “Comic Sans Fug” award would have to go to whichever starlet is currently suffering from the worst case of overexposure. Because the problem with Comic Sans is not that it’s inherently a bad font – it’s that it was/is used so much as to make most people slightly (or very) sick of it.

  21. Maureen

    Cannot resist making a nerdy font comment. Every damn thing Taylor Swift wears is Arial.

    • Callie

      YES. Dull yet somehow troubling on the eye at the same time.

      But in the meantime, high five Claire Danes! You look lovely.

  22. cycler

    I think that everything I love about this site can be summed up in the fact that we’re having a font= fashion debate.
    Long live GFY!

  23. jen m

    Homeland is my new favorite show. The cast and writing is excellent, and I want to make out with Brody, even after seeing the previews for the next episode.

    As for the font, I think SWINTON would be WP MathB. ( Needless to say I just went into Word and scrolled through every single font. Working at work is for sissies.)

    The people who made “Drive” definitely used Staccato222BT in the credits and on the poster, right?

  24. Jacq

    I love the red dress – so pretty, and it fits her well. I would have liked the outfit better with nude-coloured shoes (even though I’m a bit sick of nude-coloured shoes).

    The second dress is awful – not flattering, and it looks like something for people who want to give a nod to the colour-blocking trend, but don’t really have the balls to go for it fully.

  25. Kementari

    I’m just glad that she didn’t show up in a sleeveless dress, again. She was becoming fairly predictable there for a while. And red is hard to pull off, but the color is nice on her too without being too Christmas-y. Super cute and seasonally appropriate – yes!

    I can’t entirely sign off on the stringy hair and dark roots thing she’s got going on, though, which is probably throwing off the makeup as well. Her hair is like seven different shades of something there, and it”s awkward.

  26. Mary

    Love the first one.

    As for the second one… is ‘Backgammon Condensed’ a font?

  27. TonyG

    I only know the free fonts on my computer, and I just discovered there is one called “Estrangelo Edessa”.

    I am guessing “estrangelo” means “strange” in some language, so, this dress is hereby declared “Estrangelo Edessa”!

  28. Anne B

    The degree to which the Font Chatter here is better than either of these looks is amazing.

    I love Fug Nation. :)

  29. LC

    Can someone tell me the designed of the first dress, which I LOVE? So I can pretend briefly that I could afford it.

  30. colleen

    I really loved the skirt of the second one until someone mentioned cheerleader. Dang. And, yes, re the mind is a sieve and forgot to cancel Showtime: Me, too! At the same time I’m watching Homeland, though, I’m watching Damien Lewis play the most horrible horrible and crazy horrid man in The Forsyte Saga, which is now streaming on Netflix. He’s wonderful!

  31. Geemee

    Different shoes with the second dress and she’d be ready for a jitterbug contest. That said, I think both are super-cute, and she is just a doll.

  32. Kate

    This thread is getting ever so nerdly and I love it.

    PS There is a recession, and you want me to SPEND MONEY on fonts that are not already on my computer when there are perfectly goof ones for free?

  33. marcia

    I think she looks great in both, although I’m not so wild about her makeup in the red dress. Yay, Claire.

  34. exquisite red

    OMG love the font conversation. Comic Sans is Jennifer Love Hewitt in bandage dresses. It wasn’t so bad the first time we saw it, but OMFG, we’ve seen so much of it now that it seems horrible all the time now, even if it’s not so bad in certain situations.

  35. Sajorina

    I like them both, no matter what font they are!

  36. Emma

    Love the first, like the second. I wish she’d do something with her hair though! That dead-straight peroxide-yellow is so severe.

  37. Cranky Old Batt

    Oh how I would have loved to see that red dress with shoes that were closer to the color of her hair.

    Sorry, I can’t get behind the long cheer-leading outfit. That is what the second dress looks like to me. A long, droopy 50′s cheer leaders dress.

  38. jls

    I always think of SWINTON as Impact–narrow, bold, all-capsy and Jennifer Love Hewitt as the godawful Curlz font–you know, the one with all the cutesy curlieques on every single letter, rendering it completely unreadable. Comic Sans, for me, is Katy Perry, it just seems to be trying so hard, and Rianna is the font (wingdings?) where they just have a bunch of crazy symbols instead of letters. And Times New Roman? Jennifer Aniston.

  39. FashonFopah

    I love HOMELAND! I officially have a girl-crush on Claire!

  40. anny

    Second one is more Century Schoolbook to me. (Not smoove enough for Garamond [the Apple corporate font is a variant of Garamond, fyi]).

  41. Shanghai Fahionista

    Aldous Huxley at lighter roots…

  42. lettucecup

    “I’m not just a font. I am a force of motherfucking nature and I will not rest until every uptight armchair typographer cock-hat like you is surrounded by my lovable, comic-book inspired, sans-serif badassery.”

    If you’ve never read the Comic Sans Monologue — it’s pretty funny.


  43. NYCGirl

    The skirt of the second dress is cute, if too long. The top looks like something you’d wear to play tennis. The first dress is…fine, I guess.

    Also, I know she’s had it for a long time now (and may actually be her natural color?), but I don’t think the blonde hair works on her.

  44. Cecily

    Essence of tablecloth is hilarious….

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