Speaking of people with whom I have fugging fatigue… I just went on a rant about Angelina Jolie, and now here we have Katherine Heigl.

There’s nothing really wrong with the fit — she looks slim — and her face is still rom-com worthy, assuming anybody writes a script for her that doesn’t make people want to go out and murder a tree just to get revenge on the species on whose paper said script was printed. (Phew, that was a mouthful. But seriously, The Ugly Truth? Killers? Life As We Know It? I was going to Fug the Fromage of that last one but I fell asleep, which I NEVER DO.) But here are my two boringly repetitive beefs with La Heigl: She never picks good shoes, and she always wears the clothes of a 45-year old society kook. Seriously, if you had amnesia for everything except Bravo shows, and I said, “This is Tiffini Tiffany of The Real Housewives of A Couple Blocks of Park Avenue,” you would probably believe me, after expressing momentary suspicion due to her non-surgically-altered facial tissue. So I just can’t judge this. It fits my two criteria of “AGAIN? REALLY?” and so that’s where Fug Nation comes to my rescue.


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