Can we just talk about how great everyone is on Homeland? Claire Danes walks this brilliant line between sanity and mania, and Damian Lewis is magnificent at conveying that his character is having a thousand thoughts at once, without betraying what any of them actually are. He’s fascinatingly inscrutable. It’s a very taut show; I’m very glad I forgot to cancel Showtime. Sometimes having a mind like a sieve leads to accidental enrichment — or at least that’s what I’ll tell myself, assuming I remember I said it in the first place.

In addition to nailing it at work, Claire has been representing pretty damn well on the red carpet:

There’s a slight Essence of Tablecloth here,  but… you know, at least it’s a very well-made tablecloth. Not like one of those ones that never seems to lie straight no matter how meticulously you tug it. Plus, I want to enjoy a red dress. Come January, after twelve people have worn this color to the Golden Globes, I’m going to box up anything red in my closet and paint my car green and stop eating marinara. So right now I’m going to revel in this making me happy, however inexplicable that might be to the anti-tablecloth contingent, whose concerns I hear and acknowledge even if I can’t give them my vote.

I also find myself liking this:

At first, I was scared that if this dress were a font, it would be Comic Sans — you know, trying to be jovial, but ultimately making us all uncomfortable because its jokes aren’t actually very funny and it’s sweating through its shirt. I don’t know why, but I think it’s because the skirt felt like a high-fashion jester. But then I decided that this dress would be, say, Garamond — fairly straightforward, with a respectable serif, but also a few light doses of originality that set it apart. Which leads me to two very important questions: What font do you think this dress is, and more importantly, who or what is the Comic Sans of fashion? Me, I think might be just about anything Marchesa has done in the last year, and/or anything Blake Lively has worn since she broke up with DiCaprio. But I am open to suggestions. Bring it, Font Nation.