Well Played, Blake Lively


Yes, this picture is rather blown out — they look like they’re five minutes from being uploaded to Instagram — but you can really see the details of the erstwhile Ms Legsly’s dress here:

It is Gucci, and I think it really works on her — the color is lovely and it’s delightfully shiny without being Vegas-level spangly. Sure, there’s a lot of leg (the dress as originally designed presumably had a couple more inches) but how would we recognize her without them? I’m going to use this to open up a conversation, however. Ahem: Blake Lively is the new face of Gucci’s new fragrance, Premiere, which is a very nice gig for her — and she looks great in the otherwise somewhat typically ridiculous commercial. Leighton Meester, on the other hand, is the face of Vera Wang’s fragrance, which doesn’t seem as prestigious, if only because the ads make it seem marketed to a younger crowd (and also because COME ON, VERA WANG. You appeared in Keeping Up with the Kardashians? GET A GRIP.) Blake has done a ton of high profile movies. Leighton was in that wretched Adam Sandler movie that made me go into such a blackout rage every time I saw the previews that I don’t even want to look up its name. And YET I would argue that Leighton is — both on Gossip Girl, and judging by the underrated Monte Carlo (I know) — the better actress. So what’s the deal there? Do we think she needs a better agent? Is Blake’s smoking hotness just blinding people? It would not be the first time. I want to know what you think is going on.

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  1. Mouse

    The bottom of the dress looks like she decided she wanted it shorter last minute and chopped it off with scissors in the limo…

    • LoriK

      ITA. I think the design needed a bit more length to really work. I know she needs to show as much of her (admittedly terrific) legs as possible, but this look would have worked better if she’s made the sacrifice and shown a bit less. Other than that, I really like it. It’s a great color.

  2. Art Eclectic

    If it were not for messy hair and the need for a brighter lip, I’d call this a winner.

  3. Sandra

    I haven’t seen much of anything that either of them has been in, so cannot comment on their talents as actors. I don’t care for the feathers or whatever they are on the shoulders of this dress and it is definitely too short. I still hate the sternum window–not just on her but generally. The color is an absolute knock-out and what there is of the thing fits well. So, B-minus, maybe?

    • Helen

      The sternum windows bother me, too, but this one isn’t as gaping as they often are. It’s almost an ordinarily low-cut dress (I said “almost”!).

      I agree with remarks above that the hem does not look professionally shortened. I think she might actually have hacked it off herself. And, while I think the spare makeup works with the strong color of the dress, the hair does need tidying.

      But, love the color, love the spangly, and the overall fit is great, so, yeah… about a B-minus for me, too.

  4. Chasmosaur

    I’m wondering if this isn’t custom Gucci.

    The current resort collection has very little shiny – and the lines are more retro-prim than this.

    However the 2012 Fall RTW has similar fabrics in similar colors and textures, but nothing that quite matches. I’m sure the house was willing to design for their spokesmodel. (If Gucci would like to have look 39 just show up in my closet? I’d be ever so pleased, thanks.)


  5. qwertygirl

    While not generally a fan of Boobs here, I rather like this.

  6. jen

    I applaud her choice of a simple shoe. They accent her stems (which make me ragey with envy) and don’t detract from the dress. And the color of the dress is just lovely against her skin.

    • glee

      I am so happy it’s a strappy sandal with color – not another nude CFM shoe.

  7. steph527

    Love the shoes!!! So over platform. Pretty color also.

    • Helen

      Forgot the shoes! Thirding, I think the simplicity works, both on her and with the dress. And they look as if they fit pretty well, which is a nice change of pace (heh, sorry) among starlets generally.

  8. Katie Lynn

    I definitely agree that Leighton is the better actress…I think the world is confused by Blake’s looks into THINKING she is a good actress. She isn’t terrible, she just doesn’t have much depth (which is kind of perfect for things like Gossip Girl).

    As for the outfit I feel it’s a win for Legsly. It’s much more leg and a lot less boobs, so maybe she’s learning that sometimes less is more?

  9. ringthing

    I think she looks great but the hand-wringing mom part of me thinks that one of her handlers should at least carry a towel she can sit on everywhere, and some antibacterial Febreeze.

  10. Rachel

    I’ve been wondering the same. Ever since I realized it was Leighton in the jail bait House episode. Her and Jennifer Lawrence should do something together.

  11. yates

    Don’t forget about the amazing Country Strong! Blake’s boobyness and leggyness blinds everyone, and now she has the Chanel gig and a few high-profile projects to keep her star rising. I really do hate that, even though I think she is a fine actress, but that is the way of the world.

  12. GeauxFallon

    Leighton looks very similar to Minka Kelly. I think the market is over saturated with people who look like her. Blake, has a very distinctive look and that’s why she gets more roles.

  13. lindsay

    she looks amazing in this get-up. sure it’s short, but she can pull it off (as long as she doesn’t sit down). also, i love the shoes with it!

  14. Callie

    Leighton Meester is, by far, my favorite part of Gossip Girl. Blake Lively is just sort of… there. Even in that ad (yawn), she’s all mouth-breathing and vacant-eyed. I think Leighton needs a better agent, and a more consistent public style, so she gets press other than being on a Worst Dressed list.

    • Karen

      THANK you. I was really taken with the commercial when it was just showing Lively all statuesque in that amazing gown, but the close-ups on her face revealed no character, just vacant and vapid. It was JARRING.

      Whereas Meester not only looks fabulous in her gown, but she has a face with a personality behind it. Look at the great glamour shots of the 1930s–Hurrell’s, most notably–and you can sense rich inner lives and a certain maturity. Lively looks like a callow teenager who’s been rummaging through her mom’s couture closet.

  15. Sonya

    I like this dress and for once she doesn’t have it all out on display, the boobs are contained, somewhat.
    However, I do favor the Meester. There is more talent there and even though she looks a lot like Minka Kelly, as someone else mentioned, I think she manages to be very pretty, sweet, and natural-looking.

  16. Gail

    Aren’t they the same person?

  17. M.Amanda

    I don’t know. While I love Leighton (She saved Monte Carlo from being just another silly movie trying to cash in on a Disney star before she’s old news, imo), I think Blake is underrated. She did a decent job in that Ben Affleck bank robber movie.

    But the dress, meh. I wish it had another couple inches. She does have FANTASTIC legs, but that doesn’t mean she must always show them up to there.

  18. Lynne

    Re: Blake’s dress. It’s… fine. I like it. I feel like I’ve seen it before for some reason. I might like it better on someone else not for aesthetic reasons but because the sight of Boobs Legsley just makes me tired already.

    Leighton is most definitely the better actor but I think Blake plays the fame game better. However… a quick imdb check tells me that Blake’s got nothing besides Gossip Girl on the horizon. Maybe it will be a different story in a couple of years.

    • jerkygirl

      I think you’re 100% right about the fame game–Blake has that golden-blonde weave and a great body that she displays vehemently, and that gets people noticed in Hollywood. She’s actually better at it than a lot of other people who are just a leeetle too obvious about it (dear Lea Michele and Angelina’s LEG LEG LOOK AT MY LEGGITY-LEG LEEEEEEEEEEG). I don’t know. There are plenty of people with questionable talent (and I really haven’t seen her in much of anything so I’ll just take all your words for it) who are famous largely because of their looks, but I can’t really fault them in this economy. (Okay, I can fault Justin Bieber. I mean, that voice. He sounds like a chicken giving birth to a fully grown unicorn) She does look cute in this dress, and I love the color, although it really wouldn’t hurt to add a few inches to the hem.

      • youknowwho

        Major LOL for your comments, thank you for that Monday morning pick me up!!

        Gossip Girl

  19. M.Amanda

    Also, Leighton did a movie with Minka, where they played roommates and there was a SWF story or something. I’m not sure. I had to stop watching because I kept getting confused because I Could. Not. Tell. Them. Apart.

    • SKS

      Hahahaha, that movie was horrible. And horrible without being laughable.

      That said, both girls looked pretty, when I actually could tell them apart. :P

  20. Lou

    The dress is custom-made. She looks sensational. Beautiful colour, beautiful shoes, light make-up, and even the dishevelled hair looks OK.

  21. Jen

    What in the world is she doing with Nicholas Winding Refn?

  22. Jillian

    I’m not a fan of the “neck ruffle” on the dress, but I still think it is a winner. I think the sequin overlay of the dress is what gives the hem an unfinished look.

    I have a feeling that Leighton wants to focus more on her ahem, singing career, than acting and because of that she is overlooked quite a bit. Plus, when you aren’t out and about with T&A on display constantly people forget that you exist.

  23. Carolina Girl

    Blake looks good here. I don’t mind the messy hair because it looks like she’s just out having a good time and the shortness of the dress works for her because she’s got great legs.

    I think that Leighton is a better actor that Blake, but Blake definitely WORKS IT better than Leighton. I’m not sure if it’s so much that Blake’s people are better than Leighton’s or if it’s because Blake realizes that she’s not exactly the second coming of Jessica Lange and that she’d better take advantage of every opportunity coming her way while the legs are still good and the boobs are still perky. Either way, I think it will even out in a few years, as long as Leighton continues to improve and make good choices in the roles she accepts. Looks can only take you so far and sooner or later everyone has to show some talent or go the way of Charlene Tilton (‘memba her?).

  24. Kathleen

    Until Blake covers up or Leighton starts flashing flesh, she will always be overlooked in favor of the ‘flashier’ ladies. Of course I am a little cranky today, so my opinion could change tomorrow.

  25. Giulia

    I really like Blake,not only in this dress (which I find lovely,even if a tad short) but in general. I saw her in “The Town” and I think she did an amazing job. Around the same time I watched “The roommate” and Leighton was painful to watch,so I declare myself a member of the Blake team,yes she was terrible in “the green lantern” but that movie was terrible overall,people,give Blake a chance! :)

    P.s. I never commented before but I’ve been a fan of the site for a long time,thank you for the fun girls!

  26. Brenna

    I think she looks great – the hem is a bit short, but if I had legs like that, I’d be showing them off too. The color is fantastic and the shoes are just perfect. I can’t tell if her hair is “on-purpose” messy or if it’s just in motion, but if it is purposely messy, I wish she’d make it a little sleeker.

    And while I don’t think she’ll be winning any awards for her acting any time soon, I don’ t think she’s all that bad of an actress. I found her to be actually great in The Town (even though that role was clearly written for someone 10 years older than her) and when she hosted SNL a few years ago, I found her to be genuinely funny and game for whatever they gave her to do.

  27. Jamie

    Leighton’s whole “trying to have a singing career” definitely doesn’t help, nor does showing up places looking like 10 lbs. of crazy in a 5 lb. bag. Blake might not always look like the classiest lady in town, but she does always look hot. Also, she looks like a grown woman. Leighton looks like a teenager.

  28. TonyG

    Regarding, Blake vs Leighton, I really do think it’s that Blake is more popular, if not more lovely (just my opinion). I never been a big fan of the CW shows — I know, clutch pearls(!)…my hubby and I call it the network of “pretty white rich kids with problems.” Despite not loving the network and their shows, I knew who Blake Lively was. So, maybe it is that she has better PR people.

  29. Popcouver

    I love this dress on Blake but I feel like we’ve seen her wear something very similar before?

    As for the Leighton vs. Blake debate, I think Leighton is much more talented as an actress but Blake has that wow factor in that she’s gorgeous and silly and funny in interviews, whereas Leighton doesn’t have as much charisma.

    I think Leighton is focusing on her music career at the moment anyhow, which is why she probably doesn’t have much coming on IMDB. I think she has a folksy-country album coming out.

  30. Jennifer

    Blake is a blonde, she’s sexy and charming and down-to-earth– so people find it difficult to accept that she might also be talented. I think in reality that she is talented, and she has a greater ambition than people give her credit for (you can see this from the roles she chooses) and she has a sense of self beyond her years. Leighton may be great on GG, but she doesn’t have an ounce of a clue about how to choose roles, dress or project a genuine, enticing aura in the public eye. It can’t be all her publicist’s fault! I recommend we give Leighton time to figure it out, but start giving Blake credit where credit is due!

  31. Katie

    Leighton has that really embarrassing music career. Also Leighton acts like she is in competition with Blake while Blake acts like she is competing with A listers. I also think while Leighton is overrated as an actress while Blake tends to pleasantly surprise people in things.

  32. Violet

    I get visions of Jennifer Lopez and her Met Ball flower shrug gown when I look at this

  33. Lindy

    Blake’s one of those super hot actress girls who will peak early but fizzle when the newer crop of young hotties arrive. Leighton might have actual staying power because of talent. In 10 years we’ll see who has the better career.

  34. Caroline

    Monte Carlo IS underrated! Whew glad to know I’m not the only one to appreciate this fact. And Selena Gomez is extremely cute in it. She is wasting her time with the Biebs!

  35. Kate

    The problem with Leighton is that her PR team are her friends. Which is dumb. She should hire proper professionals to actually do their job properly! She’s absolutly breathtaking when she dresses up I miss her on all the fashion lists. :(
    I also feel like Leighton’s definitely the better actress no doubt about it. She gets raves about her acting everywhere (even in her shitty choice of movies). She’s dynamic in that. She needs to get out there more and actually put an effort into her career, but she seems like she’s on some kind of “break”. Hoping she gets back on track after Gossip Girl wraps. She said she wants to focus on bigger movie roles after Gossip Girl so I’m just going to patiently wait because when her career explodes it’s going off with a bang. Blake clearly has greater PR gigs, etc and she’s gorgeous! But I don’t really consider her a great actress, just pretty bland and not that memorable. I like her though and I did like her in The Town and her legs are amazing so that’s a plus!

  36. Anne

    I do not think Blake is smoking hot. I think she’s an attractive blonde with great legs and fake boobs (ever since Lainey pointed this out, I can’t stop trying to find evidence in pics). I think she has a good publicist. But for me there is nothing striking about her beauty. Or maybe I am just pre-programmed to find any non-blonde better looking than a blonde.

    Don’t get me wrong – it’s not like she was hit with an ugly stick by any stretch of the imagination, I just don’t find her features to be anything unique.

  37. Ashleigh

    I’ve heard a lot of rumors about Blake and the old casting couch. She’s certainly not the worst actress, but to call her talented is kind of laughable. Look at Elizabeth Olson or Dakota Fanning and tell me you think Blake comes close. She’s ambitious for sure, so I’ll give her plenty of credit for that.

    I’m not crazy about the dress, but I LOVE that gorgeous color.

  38. cat

    Blake looks lovely here. I really like the colour of the dress and she obviously has great legas. As for why she is in higher profile movies.. there have been some very loud rumours regarding her uh, intimate involvement with a certain Harvey Wenstein… which would also explain her constant Marchesa dresses around 2009, 2010. Blind items aside, I love Leighton, she’s beautiful, talented and needs to get a better agent.

  39. cat

    Oops! I meant Weinstein!

  40. Claire L1

    While I think Blake is pretty enough…. Tall, very fit, shiny gold…. I really don’t “get it”. To me, she looks like any other pretty blonde but just with a more expensive buff and polish job.
    Yet, she seems like she’s having a great time, doesn’t seem horribly spoiled or obnoxious..so more power to her…Have fun girl!

  41. Aly

    Team Meester FTW. Leighton is talented, beautiful, and seems to be quite sincere, which is really endearing. Blake is insanely gorgeous and certainly has talent, but the rumors of her attempts to heighten her fame are a big turn-off. Blake just seems disingenuous in interviews how she is a normal girl; loves to bake cookies, etc. but then her actions seem to be desperate for attention, fame, and the public eye. She goes to a million press events, wears super sexy outfits, and dates extremely high-profile men. So good for her, we can all admire her ambition, but when compared to Leighton Meester she comes up short for me in every way.

    I would love to see Meester get a better agent and PR team. She would shine in some meatier film roles.

    • Morris

      That’s not very fair! Why can’t Blake just be a normal girl who lives to bake? Don’t hate her because she’s gorgeous & talented. Plus she dresses herself and always looks classy and ahead-of-the-trends, how many Hollywood actresses would look presentable without a stylist?! Blake is a marvel.
      Leighton is also talented & gorgeous, and will hopefully get her fair share of accolades.
      She was the best thing in Country Strong & Monte Carlo by far!

  42. Laurie

    Meester is by far the better actress but she doesn’t seem to have much drive or ambition. Blake was terrible in “Savages”, she’s hot but she can not act to save her life.

  43. vandalfan

    Silly you to think that talent had anything to do with selling perfume!

    Blake’s ad is beautiful and artistic in abstract, but she’s standing around alone, sealed away from the city below, and her mouth is just hanging open. She looks vacant and unoccupied, like an empty Ming vase in an empty room. Leighton’s got some humanity and also has a fellow charging up to her.

  44. Tara

    I’ve never seen an episode of Gossip Girl, so I’m limited to their movies. I’ve only seen Leighton in Country Strong, and she didn’t really blow my socks off or anything, or do much with all her screen time. The movie was TERRIBLE but I actually liked Gwyneth Paltrow in it (even though her character was such a monster!) I thought Blake was great in the first Sister/Hood Pant movie, and not bad in the Town (though maybe a bit of a mumbler.)

  45. MKKS

    My understanding (which is minimal) is that Blake’s family’s in the business (I could easily wiki this & speak with wiki-thority, but I’m tired); I think she’s managing the hell out of her career & profile & all that good stuff. Leighton’s parents I think less so (I have wiki’ed her story before). If it’s true that she’s got her friends as PR’s & stuff, that makes a lot of sense. I think she needs better management (if the damage isn’t already done).

  46. jenny

    Blake made a major tactical error with all of that “I’m an edgy musician” stuff. Remember? I’m laughing just thinking about it!

  47. jenny

    Dammit, I meant “Blair”!

  48. Tatiana

    I had to go back and read Heather’s Country Strong fromage. It’s laugh out loud, tears-running-down-my-face funny. This is why I love my Fugly Girls. Bull true. :)


  49. fritanga

    Legsley has a much better agent and a much better PR machine, because she has no talent or personality whatsoever (but of course that’s never stopped anyone in Hollywood from being a success). Meester isn’t much better, but at least she’s not as annoying.

    Boobs’ dress looks pedestrian and Vegas-y all at the same time. Her status as a “fashion icon” has totally been manufactured by her people (and Anna Wintour, for some inexplicable reason).

  50. elle

    well i guess Leighton did not sleep with Harvey and did not become his plaything for a little in exchange for a LOT of hype and pubblicity…

  51. nicolette

    Blake has “the body”, with such long blonde hair and banging body, who wouldn’t want a piece of that. Comparatively, poor Leighton doesn’t stand a chance despite her acting chops. IMHO, Blake has the same expression in every scene while delivering every line. I personally think Leighton looks much better than Blake, but alas, Hollywood is that shallow.

  52. Patrick

    Not so sold on the dress – it kind of looks like a giant red doily to me, and anything that can be found on my grandma’s coffee table should not, I think, be considered formal wear. BUT she does make it work, which I think is the blessing of having legs the size of the Eiffel Tower and rocking bone structure.

    As for the acting…. well, yes, Leighton Meester is the better actress, but I think her character can be so polarising on Gossip Girl, and that backfires on her as the portrayer. Whereas Serena is just sort of blandly, inoffensively there. She’s also still, technically, the lead, while Blair is a supporting character.

  53. Chicklet

    I think Leighton is the better actress, but Blake ends up in the better projects, which makes a difference. I mean, Blake is probably the worst element in “The Town,” but since the good elements include Jeremy Renner, Ben Affleck, and Pete Postlethwaite (RIP), she ends up looking better by association.

    As for this look in particular, what’s with the hair? Surely there was a hairbrush available somewhere.

  54. Evalyn

    I love the color of this dress and the overall look, but I think it’s actually Ms Legsly’s erstwhile dress. All in all, much less crazy pants than usual.

  55. Hayley

    Meh to Blake – her team must be working really hard to get her seen everywhere. I’m just not sure she’s that interesting really. Or that “smokingly” hot – to be honest, I think she scrubs up well, but isn’t that good looking in real life maybe? I’ve only seen her in Green Lantern, and she was dire and sadly miscast. Leighton I think is the better looking but I haven’t really seen her in anything so no opinion of her as an actor. She does take more risks with her clothing – and I’m addicted to this site so I know that they don’t always pay off, but still, I like that she tries.
    Ach, I think they both are a little overrated! Can I just continue to judge them on their appearance whilst lazily sitting in my armchair? K, thx!

  56. NYCGirl

    I don’t like the textures of either the neck-thing or the dress itself.

  57. Jennifer

    This Leighton vs. Blake conversation is totally the B vs. S plotline on Gossip Girl. Even though they are best friends, B always feels overshadowed by S because she is worshiped as the It Girl even though B is the one with the smarts and talent.

    Just making things up at this point, but I always feel like Leighton has issues surrounding her mom that keep her from shining as much as she should (being born in prison, mom embezzling from her, etc.)

  58. Jewels

    Blake comes out the winner over Leighton because of her “a-list” boyfriends. Leo.. Ryan… Leighton needs a new boy toy.

  59. yeahandalso

    Blake is ambitious and from an industry family that has some good connections. (It’s also been rumored and blind itemed a lot that she slept her way into some of her bigger roles). Leighton had a rough upbringing, no great family connections and for whatever reason still thinks it is a good idea to keep pursuing a career as a popstar.

  60. youknowwho

    I am on Team Blake. I think she’s sooo beautiful in general and I love the look here. She brings her own flavor to whatever look she’s wearing, even if it is a messy coif. All her pictures IMHO seem to project confidence, sex appeal, fun-loving, and working whatcu got, with a sprig of strategy thrown in.

    I like that she coordinated the dress with shoes in this look, but went with a minimal shoe so as not to overwhelm with matchy-matchy. Well done.

  61. Lily1214

    Beautiful . . . isn’t this the one she just married??

  62. fareye

    Love the color on her, I think the hem is a bit too short. But I can understand why you would want to show off THAT body. Everywhere. All the time. Also, that plastic surgeon did a magnificent job with her nose. It’s the mother of all nose jobs. That nose was meant for her.
    I agree on Leighton being the better actress.