Yes, this picture is rather blown out — they look like they’re five minutes from being uploaded to Instagram — but you can really see the details of the erstwhile Ms Legsly’s dress here:

It is Gucci, and I think it really works on her — the color is lovely and it’s delightfully shiny without being Vegas-level spangly. Sure, there’s a lot of leg (the dress as originally designed presumably had a couple more inches) but how would we recognize her without them? I’m going to use this to open up a conversation, however. Ahem: Blake Lively is the new face of Gucci’s new fragrance, Premiere, which is a very nice gig for her — and she looks great in the otherwise somewhat typically ridiculous commercial. Leighton Meester, on the other hand, is the face of Vera Wang’s fragrance, which doesn’t seem as prestigious, if only because the ads make it seem marketed to a younger crowd (and also because COME ON, VERA WANG. You appeared in Keeping Up with the Kardashians? GET A GRIP.) Blake has done a ton of high profile movies. Leighton was in that wretched Adam Sandler movie that made me go into such a blackout rage every time I saw the previews that I don’t even want to look up its name. And YET I would argue that Leighton is — both on Gossip Girl, and judging by the underrated Monte Carlo (I know) — the better actress. So what’s the deal there? Do we think she needs a better agent? Is Blake’s smoking hotness just blinding people? It would not be the first time. I want to know what you think is going on.