Unfug or Fab: Kristen Wiig


Here’s another one I couldn’t come down on definitively:

Love the bodice, love the shoes, can’t help wondering if the skirt length is stumpifying — and in fact, the skirt itself looks kind of like a mourner’s petticoat, as if it was never supposed to see the light of day, but grief drove her mad, MAD I TELL YOU, and she wandered out of her chambers without reapplying her overskirt. AND FINALLY, I can’t tell if I really want her to wear a dark red lip with this, or if I’m just tired of celebrities wearing ONLY sheer gloss anymore and I’m just pushing against that with all my bloggy might (so, more of a wimpy nudge).

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  1. Ruth

    This may be the best she’s ever looked. I would have gone with a flashier bracelet, but that’s only because I am a magpie.

  2. anne p.

    Real progress … yay!
    As for this skirt length’s possible stumpifying effect: Nipping the waist usually seems to work wonders — so simple, I’m surprised the remedy isn’t used more often.

    • Jasmine

      It’s so barely stumpifying, I thought like… 2 inches off the hem and it’d be perfection!

  3. ew

    let’s get a look at the shoes! yum

  4. Susan

    Something about the skirt in that picture looks like it was photoshopped on.

    • Mair Mair

      Or like it was stuck on a paper doll. (NOT saying Wiig is a paper doll – I heart her. But there’s something weird about the way the skirt is hanging on her body.)

      • CakesOnAPlane

        looks like the skirt is so pouffy she doesn’t know what to do with her hands.

  5.  HelenBackAgain

    The dress is fine, cute and a nice fit, but it’s missing something.

    And that something is JEWELRY. A strong statement necklace in rubies or emeralds, matching earrings, and a bold gold cuff on the right arm, would make this a knock-out.

    Lipstick that’s a color would be good, too.

    • Mikki

      I agree, it looks so unfinished without something sparkly! And again, this applies to virtually every other celeb these days, not just Kristin. It’s really my biggest pet peeve.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        I know! The accessory-free (or nearly so) trend needs to die as quickly as the nude lipstick. I want to stomp them both into oblivion with the power of pure peevishness.

        •  jeanette

          “the power of pure peevishness” should be the name of a self help book… love that line!

  6. Fawn

    I realize many of you will disagree fervently, but I’d really like to see this with a bit of a hi-lo hem. make it a few inches higher than it is now in the front and line it with a nice, bright color.

  7. Crystal

    Dear Kristen, Mary Kate and Ashley, and Rooney–

    A smile goes a long way.

  8.  Sarah

    I like the idea of this, but there is something wonky about the proportions and not just the length of the skirt. The bodice length just seems off to me.

  9. Candy

    I’m not like a huge Kristen Wiig fan or anything but it is kind of annoying how you guys pick on her. Yes, she’s worn a lot of questionable things in no color. But, this is perfectly nice! A vast improvement! Her shoes aren’t boring! I feel like if this was on anyone else, you wouldn’t have issues. Plus, her head looks pretty!

  10. BrownEyedBetty

    Since it’s magnitudes better than almost anything else she’s ever worn, I”m giving it a Fab today. It’s Friday: I’m feeling happy and generous. Merry Christmas Kristen.

  11. Jenz

    The idea of this dress works.. however, the skirt flares out around her waist and I don’t like that part. Also, I say we banish all nude gloss. We could go on raids of make up counters everywhere. Also, can we start a new acronym? NAN: Needs a necklace. I’ve noticed at lot of the girls wearing bracelets but an understated necklace here would look great.

  12. Mina

    The skirt is hanging oddly it makes her look like a paper doll.

  13. AM

    Another strapless I’d like to yank up a bit. It’s not that it’s falling down in this case, it just seems like it’s sitting a bit low. Also, if she was wearing dark hose it would make the line at the bottom go all the way down.

  14. Bex

    I’m just glad she’s not wearing something the color of dirty old bras as she usually does. That beige/nude she often wears is not flattering at all.

  15. Jennifer

    I adore the top and the shoes, hate the skirt. How about a simple pencil skirt? Jazz it up with some sparkly jewelry so that it doesn’t look too business.

    • Edith

      EXACTLY. Pencil skirt would be fabulous, and would be so much better suited to that FABULOUS bodice. That skirt just belongs to a completely different garment.

  16. Josie

    on my phone Kristin Wiig’s head and smile looked like Princess Kate. Maybe with her as a role model she is upping her game?
    A little lip would be nice.

    • Abby

      Why would Kate Middleton, whose only ambition is to be a breeding machine for the royal family, be the role model of a smart, talented woman with her own promising movie career? Madness.

  17.  NicoleMN6

    On my tiny screen, I thought this was Amy Adams!

  18. Emmy

    Her chest looks as flat as a board–it has no dimension whatsoever. Her head looks better than usual, but that skirt is fugly, and I hate what the bodice is doing to her.

  19. Tamarin

    It’s a little stumpifying, but not too bad…however, has she ever worn a color? Black and white don’t really count. I was just wondering this yesterday. Even in Bridesmaids the dress she picked out was some beige variation on nude. But I do think this dress is decent. Not sure I like this hair though, and updo would be better.

    • Squirrel!

      This dress makes me reflect that not everyone looks good in black.

  20. Mary Urech Stallings

    She finally got it right. Good work, lady,

  21. Claire1

    I wouldn’t wear a necklace with this dress either. The bodice speaks for itself. She does, however, need larger earrings OR a hair accessory of some kind ……

    I vote to take that hem up a few inches ( show the curve of the calf).
    However, she looks fabulous. I even forgive the lack of actual lip color….because her hair and face look so pulled together in spite of it.

  22. Heather S.

    For me the problem is the bodice. It’s too geometric. The skirt is also geometric, but if it were with something more colorful and soft it would be ok, but with the black and and white and the pattern it just looks like a computer rendition of a rectangle on top of a cone. Does her no favors and I already find her bland and forgettable.

  23. Liz

    I really dislike this. It doesn’t look like her style, and it’s doing nothing for her figure. I hate the part where the skirt meets the bodice. The skirt is very ballet recital to me.

    But I’m one of the few here who actually likes her usual style, so I can see why practically everyone else is into it.

  24. Claire

    I can’t see Wiig in a full A-line skirt without also imagining her with weird little doll hands, a funny receding hairline, and incomprehensible dialogue with her fellow sisters from the Finger Lakes on the Lawrence Welk show.

  25. Lily1214

    Ummm . . . too prom-y.