The Wizards of Waverly Fugce

I’m not sure what it is, but somehow the idea of Justin Bieber being post-pubescent enough to date anyone kind of blows my mind. So when I see Selena Gomez out and about, my immature little mind-rascal keeps imagining Justin lazing around on her canopy bed being all, “Yeah, baby, that bra leotard with the fancy cummerbund is like mad sexy.”

Selena Gomez

And then it’s pretty much over for me, because any outfit that my imagination gives the Bieber Finger-Lickin’ Good Seal of BOOTY TIME has to be scorched from my memory banks immediately.

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Comments (15):

  1. Susan

    Ah, i think the lesson here is if you’re young, you can wear almost anything. I dislike the outfit but Selena plus shoes looks great.

  2. Kelley

    If she had worn a solid colored skirt I think the outfit would be beautiful! My only problem is the lace conflicting with the bling conflicting with the printed skirt.

  3. Alma

    This is super cute! But yes, Bieber lovin’ is creepy

  4. Jo

    Ditto. But shoes are class!

  5. AM

    I think it’s pretty cute and more importantly, not shockingly uncovered for a Kid Today. I might just lower the skirt a few inches, Young Lady, and add some dark stockings/tights, but that’s just me.

  6. Shnaggi

    Confusion everywhere but the cute shoes I agree Kelly needs a solid slightly longer skirt or perhaps shorts that are disguised as a skirt at the short length…especially with the heavy belt.

  7. Adj

    I dunno, I think she looks really cute, young and fresh!

  8. vandalfan

    A solid, black pencil skirt would have made this barely serviceable.

  9. yeahandalso

    I am so sick of everybody treating Justice Beaver with kid gloves. Dude is short, he isn’t actually a middle schooler he is 17. HE IS THE SAME AGE AS TAYLOR MOMSEN. Adrianna Lima had already been working as a Victoria Secret model for a year when she was 17. Heck by the time I was 14 I knew kids in my grade who were drinking and having sex already.

  10. corriner

    I like to top! ALOT! I also appreciate the skirt, but not the two together.

  11. Meander

    Aw. That’s just cute.

  12. anny

    If you stick a post-it over your monitor from about the top of the mouse-ears to the the bottom of the skirt she looks adorable.

  13. Camus Dude

    Anny is correct. But so are others – with a solid black skirt I think it would be pretty.

  14. grace

    I like it! I think it’s cute and she always looks gorgeous.

  15. mark carmody

    I think, She is big part of the fashion world. She always has photo shoots for different things, cause people know if she is on the cover, or is wearing something, people will buy it.