STEVEN: Hey! Hey! Dude looks like a Randaaaay!

RANDY: What up, dawg.

STEVEN: This Idol gig is the jam, man. I’m loving it. We are a great team.

RANDY: The best, man.

STEVEN: Like Laurel and Hardy.

RANDY: Crockett and Tubbs.

STEVEN: The Golden Girls.

RANDY: Hey, that’s a’ight, dawg, I’m liking that. You’re Blanche and I’m Dorothy.

STEVEN: No way, man, I’m Dorothy.

RANDY: I don’t think so, man. I’m the skeptical one.

STEVEN: But look at my pants!

RANDY: But dig my scarf, yo!

STEVEN: But you have to be Blanche! You’re both from the South!

RANDY: But Blanche was the loose one, dawg, and that’s totally you!

STEVEN: That’s true, man. You got me. You’re AMAAAAAAZIN’.

RANDY: Sing it.

STEVEN: It’s probably nice being Dorothy after all those years where you had to be Blanche and Paula was Rose.

RANDY: No way, man, I’ve always been Dorothy.

STEVEN: I thought that was Simon.

RANDY: He was SOPHIA, dawg! Duh!

STEVEN: OH SNAP. He could never pull off that scarf, either, man.

RANDY: You know it. We’re carrying the torch, bro.


RANDY: All right, all right, we get it.

[Photo: Splash News]