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Royals Round-Up, December 19, 2014

Are you ready to look at some Royals Christmas Cards? Because I have some to show you. (They were not sent to ME.) I also bring you an enormous stuffed goose, Dominic West, Brianne of Tarth, and William wearing his eyeglasses.

We had three Royals-y pieces here at GFY for you this week, namely:


[Photos: Getty, Splash, Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images]


Royally Played: Prince Harry

At the beginning of the month, Harry went to Lesotho, Africa, to visit his charity project there, which provides a variety of help — education, healthcare — to kids who’ve been orphaned by the AIDS crisis in the country (which is quite severe; one in three kids in Lesotho is an orphan). A) This is a serious and important cause, and good on him for being, from what I can tell from behind my computer all the way across the world, wearing yoga pants and sticking Peppermint Joe Joe’s into my maw, really committed to it.  Harry has really done a lot of Good Works this year, both with this charity and all his work with veterans and the Invictus Games and whatnot. I can but assume his Gran will sneak an extra orange into the bottom of his stocking this Christmas as a reward. B) Not to take away from these pertinent and important issues, but these kids are extremely cute and the pictures from this trip are really great and extremely forearm-y. (One can be interested in Important Issues and admire people’s forearms whilst they gambol with adorable children. We all contain multitudes.)

[Photos:  Chris Jackson at Getty Images, HRH Prince Henry of Wales]


Royally Played: The Duchess of Cambridge and a Bunch of Beaver Scouts

Kate always goes very casual for these Scouting events — a couple of years ago, they even made her go out into the WOODS and sit on a LOG or something, so it makes sense (addendum: that link goes to a corker of a post that also involves William literally kissing a puppy AND Harry adjusting the royal junk) — but the fact that she’s in a branded hoodie and jeans for this one makes me laugh. It’s very, “I’m tired, you guys. I just got back from New York, I’m gestating, George ate Harry’s beloved yellow waistcoat last night and Harry won’t stop crying about it, and I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping yet. Let’s be realistic here. I cannot put on a real shirt today. I was wearing yoga pants fifteen minutes ago.”

[Photos: Splash, Getty, BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images]


Royally Played: The Prince George Christmas Photos

Pretty sure I made the right call to break into your holiday shopping weekend to bring you Prince Squashy McCheeks, in what I assume is Wills and Kate’s holiday present to us all. (What I really wanted was for Harry to regrow his Holiday Beard and come over and help me with my tree, but this is just so cute that I can’t get mad.)

[Photo by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge/PA Wire via Getty Images]


Royals Round-Up, December 12, 2014

WELL. This week was VERY BUSY.  Aside from Wills and Kate dashing all over Manhattan for two and a half days, Princess Charlene had her twins, and all of Sweden came out with MAJOR MAJOR jewels and gowns for this little thingie they’re calling the “Nobel Prize.”

Here at GFY, we had loads of Wills & Kate. LOADS OF THEM. For example:


[Photos: Getty, INF, Splash, AKM/GSI, PA Pool]


Royally Played: Wills and Kate Visit New York, The Extras

Sometimes pictures that I want you to see come in after I’ve already published the post. I don’t want to deprive you of delightful extras (like extra hand-holding. It was more like hand-clutching, but whatever). Enjoy! If you missed any parts of the past whirlwind however many hours it was (72?), all coverage of the tour lives here.

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