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Royals Round-Up, October 2nd, 2015

I am pleased to inform you that this post has A LOT of Prince Harry — in uniform! In a suit! Wearing a backpack! With children! Near sheep! (There are also other people.)

If you missed it, Wills and Kate and Harry went to the rugby this past weekend, and there was A LOT of canoodling and sportsfaces, if you’re into that kind of thing. Which you SHOULD BE.


– Wills is still out flying his helicopter for the Air Ambulance folks. (BBC)

– Harry SWEARS he’s not ready to settle down yet. (Vanity Fair)

– Also, you probably want to watch him photobomb this dude:

Prince Carl Philip and Sofia have moved into their palace, which seems VERY close to the street. What about gawkers?! (Hello!)

– Speaking of, she wore a very cute coat this week. (Royalista)

– Speaking of THAT, I particularly enjoyed What Kate Wore’s look at the new McQueens for this fall (scroll down.)

– This is a fascinating piece about Queen Marie of Romania’s sapphire at The Court Jeweller.

– Over at People, QE2 gives a pony a Polo mint. (Say that five times fast.)

– Max and Wax also met the Obamas, and Michelle’s dress IS SO GOOD:

– And Crown Princess Mary was ALSO in New York this week:


Royals Round-Up, September 25th, 2015

It’s so nice to have Harry back in the country. Also in today’s round-up: A NEW event from Kate, dating from this morning — timing-wise, it just made sense to pop her into Royals Round-Up rather than give her a solo post — more flight suits, giant hats, and one really weird Dutch bank.

As a bit of housekeeping: Harry, Wills, and Kate are set to attend Saturday evening’s rugby World Cup match, and I will cover it here over the weekend but MAYBE not until Saturday night, depending on how late the photos trickle in/my real life schedule on Saturday.

ALSO: you have less than a week to nab The Royal We e-book for $3.99 before the price pops back up, so procrastinate no more!



  •  Finally, the official Kensington Palace Instagram has video of Harry doing some construction work, if you need that for…reasons (get your cursor over the image and you’ll get a play button, if you’re not seeing it):


Royals Round-Up, September 18, 2015

We are BACK IN BUSINESS! We’ve got gowns! Beards! Bangs! New bits from stuff that happened earlier this week! Kate and Wills and Harry at rugby just now, reunited! (Wills has ALSO had a haircut; it’s much closer cropped and WAY BETTER.) Hairnets! Accidentally matching ensembles! AND MORE.

Here at GFY this week:

– Kate had an event yesterday, where she officially debuted her new bangs. (Reviews are mixed to not great.)

– We picked out some potential additions to her wardrobe from the latest offerings at NYFW.


– ALSO: Time is running out for you to get The Royal We for $3.99 on Kindle — the price is going to go back up at the end of the month. Just buy it now so you don’t have to worry about missing it!

And elsewhere:

  • Harry made his acting debut in the intro to the Rugby World Cup today. He plays a gardener of yore, which I suspect might actually be a deep personal fantasy for some of you. NO JUDGEMENT. The whole thing is very ENGLAND! SPORTS! RUGBY THIGHS! PERIOD PIECES! Which re some of my favorite things, actually:




Royally Played, The Duchess of Cambridge in Ralph Lauren

She’s back! I was literally just writing a post about the clothes I think Kate ought to cherry-pick from the NYFW collections this week — spoiler: not many; Fashion Week felt sort of underwhelming this season — and bemoaning that she ought to wear more patterns. Did I make this happen?  Is my Hogwarts letter just EXTREMELY DELAYED? (That post is coming up for you later; I am, in fact, waiting for Ralph Lauren to walk this morning so I can finish it.)

Let’s discuss. My feelings are: I like the dress, but I’m never that jazzed when she gets fed up at home after a glass and a half of pinot grigio and decides she needs a fringe, cuts it herself with nail scissors, and then realizes she’s made a terrible mistake and goes to her hairdresser to fix it. (I assume that’s what happened, anyway. Hasn’t a wine-fueled, “I think I’m gonna get BANGS, YOU GUYS” happened to us all?) I like bangs conceptually — I have had bangs! — and I have witnessed many a great bang. (Tee hee.) I’m just not sure that THESE bangs are that great; listen, I just basically like it better when I can see more of her face. I’ve decided Kate is a person who gets bangs, promptly hates her bangs, grows out the bangs, and then gets bored again and decides to see if it’ll be different next time. IT NEVER IS, KATE. IT NEVER IS.

(PS: I’d be remiss on this post if I didn’t remind you that The Royal We is only $3.99 right now for Kindle, but only until the end of the month, so do not tarry. I am pretty sure there is a discussion of Break-Up Bangs therein, which is obviously a whole different category of bangs than the I’m Bored Bangs. How many more times can I write “bangs” before it means NOTHING? BANGS.)


Royally Played: Prince Harry

Appropriately, today is his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HARRY. You’re back in town and you’ve brought the beard back with you.

[Photos: Getty]


Royals Round-Up, September 11th, 2015

First of all! The Royal We is currently a mere $3.99 on Kindle and YOU NEED IT if you haven’t read it yet. You just do. We only want your happiness. Second: Kate and the Boys have a variety of events on their schedule for this upcoming week, which is exciting. Heather and I are at Fashion Week right now, so our updates might be SOMEWHAT pokier than usual, but I’m going to do my best to bring them to you in as timely a fashion as possible. Third! This post includes puppies! An outfit on Maxima that literally caused me to scream! A look inside Her Majesty’s Purse! And two TWO visits to a cheese factory!

Earlier this week, we saluted many of QE2′s Noteworthy Hats of the Recent Past. (As I asked there, I’m going to repeat here a request not to get into a political debate about the monarchy, just as I would ask you to avoid a political debate were this a post about Michelle Obama, for example. I very much appreciate it; thank you.)


– LOADS of coverage of QE2 passing Queen Vic to become Great Britain’s longest reigning monarch. For example, Maclean’s examines all of her broaches.

The Telegraph takes a LONG look at her fashion over the years. Some of the hats are TERRIBLE.

– Also at The Telegraph, these rare pics of QE2 are interesting.

– At Conde Nast, How to Travel Like Queen Elizabeth

– At Buzzfeed: 15 Insane Confessions Of A Buckingham Palace Guard

– RUMOR HAS IT that Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy saw one another whilst he’s been in Africa and might maybe could be possibly getting back together. !!!!! LET’S DISCUSS. (People)

– ALSO, Harry’s popped up in a new video extolling the virtues of rugby. (The Duchess Diary)

People also has more details on the 47-Mile Swedish Swim-Run Pipples and the Marshmallow King did over the weekend. That is HARD.

– At The Duchess Diary: Royal Biographers Pay Tribute To Queen Elizabeth On Her Historical Milestone. It’s juicy!

– Beatrice Borromeo is currently on the cover of Vogue Italia. (Royalista)

– As ever, HRH Duchess Kate has an excellent look at goings-on with Wills and Kate this week, and more details on their many upcoming shenanigans through the end of the year. (As far as we know. It’s all vague right now. But you know. Stuff Will Happen.)

– At People: Kate and Prince William Join Queen Elizabeth for Her Milestone Day

Kate also ALLEGEDLY received The Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II this week. Everyone wants a wee tiny painting of a lady to pin to her personage during fancy events! (Hello!)


Well Reigned, Queen Elizabeth II

When I was growing up, the idea of anyone reigning as long as Queen Victoria did seemed incredibly far-fetched and far-flung. Sixty-three years. As a kid that was just an eternity. Now it sounds crazy anyone ever doubted QEII would get there. However anyone feels about the monarchy, sixty-three years is a long time to hold one job, and one can’t argue that she’s been utterly dedicated to it and to her country. I wouldn’t be surprised if she made it a decade beyond this. Whatever she’s putting in her morning Weetabix, I’d like a bite.

We are limited in what file photos we can legally bring you to honor her on this day, so we’re making up the difference with pictures of a lot of millinery from the years before GFY covered The Queen and her progeny in earnest. Please enjoy A Brief and Recentish History of Royal Lids, and of course, all hail Our Lady of Hattitude. Seriously. SIXTY-THREE YEARS at the helm. I wish she were not too classy to write a tell-all. It would be six gigantic volumes long and I would read every single one.

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