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Royals Round-Up, May 27th, 2016

So much to discuss today! Little Swedish Prince Oscar had his christening today, so we’ve got pictures from that, including my favorite dress on Crown Princess Mary EVER. We’ve also got hats! Dramatic gowns! Queens riding around sticking their heads out of sunroofs and looking at guns! So, you know. The usual.

Earlier this week, we had plenty of royal shenanigans. In case you missed it:

Wills and Kate and Harry went out to the Chelsea Flower Show, and so did half of their relatives.

Wills and Kate popped out to one of the Buckingham Palace Garden Parties, and it was all Top Hats Ahoy!

– Also, if I may take a brief moment to self-promote, if you’re looking for a book for your long weekend, may I suggest The Royal We if you haven’t read it yet? I GUESS I JUST DID.

And once June rolls around, prepare yourself: We will be knee-deep in royal doings, from Ascot to the Curly Feathered Joys of the Order of the Garter, to a bunch of random Kate engagements. ROYALS AHOY.

Of interest elsewhere:

– At People, OH MY GOD. Remember how Heather and I saw the Fashioning a Reign exhibit when we were in Scotland, and it was awesome? The version that’s going to be at Buckingham Palace this summer will have the Queen’s coronation gown and her wedding dress. GO. GO AND REPORT BACK.

– Also at People, a very interesting look at the upcoming Season — a phrase that feels so deliciously Downton.

– Prince Amedeo and Princess Elisabetta of Belgium had a baby and everyone looks happy and is cute. (Hello!)

– Also at Hello!, a retrospective of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s relationship.

– Fascinating at BBC: Elizabeth I dress: Altar cloth may be Queen’s gown

– Whoa. Pippa just ran a marathon at the Great Wall of China and came in 13th of all women. DAMN. (InStyle)

– At Vanity Fair: Kate Middleton May Have Called Prince William “Babe”: What Does It Mean? Royals, they’re just like us.

– The Duchess Kate blog has the latest on Kate’s newest official portrait.

– And your social media bits of interest (scroll over the one from KP to get an opportunity to play the video.)

Here, mouse over to get the button to play this video:   Thank you @landroverbar for the great footage of The Duchess taking to the waves with @BenAinslie and the team on the Solent!   A video posted by Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) on

[Photos: Getty, THIERRY ROGE/AFP/Getty Images, Jordanian Royal Household via Getty Images]


Royally Played: Wills and Kate (in Alexander McQueen) at the Buckingham Palace Garden Party

This is the first time Wills and Kate have attended a garden party together. You KNOW the people who went last week are like, “dammit, I missed Kate and Wills?1?!?!!?! Okay, sure, fine, it’s still an honor, blah blah blah whatever.” If Kate’s outfit looks familiar, it’s because she wore it when Prince George made his imperious debut at his christening; if Wills’s outfit looks familiar, it’s because you have a top hat fetish and you’ve seen it on him in your dreams.

[Photos: Getty]


Royally Played: Wills and Kate and Harry and a bunch of other Royals at the Chelsea Flower Show

This all went down on Monday, and I waited and waited and WAITED for better pictures, but then I just GAVE UP.  Don’t people know that I want to see Kate sticking her head into a bucket of flowers? Harry, getting stuck in a hedge? William climbing a tree? Harry making Kate laugh by sticking a flower behind his ear? Wills and Kate making out in a rose bush? COME ON. GIVE ME WHAT I WANT.

I guess this is close:

Likewise, thank goodness Emily Nash at Hello! was on the case. I have a lot to say about this:

We DID get video, and it’s not like we haven’t seen this dress/coat/coatdress/I dunno before:

I like that moment where they are both like, “wait, did we lose Harry?” Anyway, SEVERAL royals came out to the flower show Monday — Anne! Beatrice! Eugenie! Eugenie’s boyfriend?!?!? Please eyeball them while I bewail my lack of flora-adjacent shenanigans.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]


Royals Round-Up, May 20th, 2016

Ooooh, you guys. In addition to a new event from Kate — at which she wore one of my favorite McQueens — QE2 opened Parliament this week, so prepare yourself for SOME CROWNS. Also in this week’s round-up: more Sophie Wessex than usual, extra pics from the Queen’s 90th shindig on Sunday, Wills throwing a mean left hook, national costumes, hats, and JOAN COLLINS!

Here at GFY earlier in the week, we covered Kate’s bizarro look at Sunday’s hoedown, and her super cute skirt the next day.

As a programming note, Wills and Kate (and maybe Harry? I’m unclear) are popping out to the Chelsea Flower Show on Monday, so make sure you pop back over the week and check it out.

Around the horn:

– Our friends at Duchess Diary rounded up 37 of their favorite hats of Queen Maxima

The Court Jeweller covered a recent tiara auction. I hope one of the winning bidders lives among us, Fug Nation. I really want the last one. I better save my pennies.

– Over at People, Wills gave some insight on what’s happening at home (George is loud and they’re trying to figure out schools).

– At Hello! a salute to Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s wedding, which was 12 years ago this week. Queen Margrethe looks WACKY.

— Also at Hello! Mike Tindall talks about how Mia came to be holding QE2′s handbag in the Queen’s birthday portraits.

And, after the jump, we have LOADS of social media stuff this week. (Sometimes, social media gets better snaps than I do. I would never want to deprive you; if you click on the embedded tweet, it should let you flip through the photos.)

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Royally Played, Harry and Wills and Kate (in Banana Republic)

This was a 48 hours of highs and lows, sartorially speaking, you guys. I LOVE this Banana skirt on Kate today, but yesterday…oh, girl. GIRL. In a sense, it is a relief to know there is one thing that Kate cannot figure out, and it is what to wear to any event that vaguely requires cocktail attire.

Our first event is the launch of Heads Together, which is their campaign to fight the stigma of mental illness, and the second was the Royal Windsor Horse Show, a celebration of the Queen’s 90th on Sunday, which involved many horses (hence the name) and, from what I understand, also featured Harry seated behind a pole, frustrating the people at home who were watching it to ogle him.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]


Royals Round-Up, May 13th 2016

Well. I didn’t get to any of the Invictus Games until today, because of Cannes. And that means that this post is….really, really long and chockablock with Harry. I assume you will not be enraged by this? Because the pictures are…insane. He’s kissing winners, snuggling babies, FLIRTING, putting on American jerseys (USA! USA!), gesturing to people’s mustaches, hanging out with his very best friend in the world, Michelle Obama. It is AMAZING. I could have picked ten thousand more pictures for this slideshow.

Here at GFY, in case you missed it, Heather and I put together a giant slideshow all about our trip to the UK, and you might enjoy it!

Also, there will be a lot of shenanigans from Wills and Kate and Harry in the upcoming week, including on Sunday, so make sure you pop back to keep up to date!

Elsewhere, we must begin with this:

Harry and Michelle are clearly SO FOND of each other, and also, as you know, I LOVE Robin, so basically I could watch like five hours of this interview. That part is the more serious bit, but you also definitely want to see the part where Michelle talks about Prince George.

– At the National Post: Prince Harry on his private life: How can I get a girl when I can’t even have a drink in the pub

– I meant to run this weeks ago and just forgot. You may have read it already, but if not it’s AMAZING. At The New York Times, a conversation with QE2′s party planner. For example: “For the wedding of William and Kate, for which Lady Elizabeth was an adviser (and planned the wedding eve family dinner), the couple had very strong ideas that the queen ‘was marvelous and listened to,’  she said. Traditional royal weddings have no reception afterward — guests just depart after the service — but William and Kate wanted one after seeing that was what their friends had had. ‘And so the palace had to learn quite a lot about different canapés, because they weren’t used to doing them,’ Lady Elizabeth said.” Also: “Chasing down R.S.V.P.s was a particular headache, and she claims credit for inventing ‘this ghastly thing called the reply card’ to solve the problem. The first time she created one, she forgot to leave a space for people to write their names, and so she ended up with a bunch of yeses and nos but no clue who they were from.”

– The Court Jeweller has a very interesting piece about George VI’s coronation — with video. Everyone is wearing crowns, which WILL NOT happen when Charles becomes king (which is going to be crazy-feeling). Also: I love the mid-Atlantic accent of the newsreel narrator.

– I enjoyed this, at From Berkshire to Buckingham: Commoner to Duchess of Cambridge: 5 Years On, A Look At Kate’s Style Transformation

– You will enjoy this slideshow of the British Royal Family at the Olympics, over at NBC.

– And this is at the Daily Mail –I KNOW, I KNOW — but it IS interesting and also real gossipy (as you’d imagine): The Lioness of Longleat: Viscountess Weymouth on climbing the social ladder, a feuding family and her terrifying pregnancy

Wills went to Oxford — so pretty, Oxford! — this week to open one of their libraries:



Royals Round-Up, May 6th, 2016

A lot has happened since we last met here for Royals Round-Up! In case you missed any of this:

Kate is British Vogue’s cover girl, celebrating their 100th anniversary

– She also went out on Wednesday to applaud a cake, among other things

– Queen Rania and Charlotte Casiraghi attended the Met Gala on Monday

– And we got new snaps of Princess Charlotte in honor of her 1st birthday

And in today’s slideshow, I bring you Harry. So much Harry. Maximum Harry. Harry and Canada’s Hot Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are in a major bromance this week, AND he’s riding ponies in the rain. (Harry is. Not CHPMJT.) We also have SO MANY SWEDISH ROYALS, especially Estelle — I told you a lot happened this week!

And elsewhere:

– It behooves me to remind you that you can now get The Royal We in paperback!

Harry is on the cover of this week’s People, and you for sure want to read the interview, as it’s quite good. H on the cover of People, K on the cover of Vogue. Wills must feel left out. Someone call Blue Suit Quarterly, stat!

– The Duchess Diary has footage of Diana attending the 1996 Met Gala.

– Over at The Court Jeweller, I enjoy this feature: Letizia’s Week in Earrings

– Order of Splendor has great coverage of some of the royals who attended Carl Gustav’s bash whose photos I wasn’t able to get.  Definitely pop over there and check it out.

– Over at Hello!, you guys. The little prince of Bhutan. HE IS SO CUTE.

– And, finally: