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Royals Round-Up, August 26th, 2016

LOADS of extra bits and pieces from Wills and Kate’s two outings this week, among other items, including some stragglers from the Olympics.

In case you missed it earlier this week:

Wills and Kate both re-wore saucy patterns.

And Kate debuted a new red day dress that I covet.

And elsewhere:

– Racked did a big story about Kate style bloggers that I’m sure you’ll find interesting.

People did a story about Balmoral, where the Queen summers (and forces everyone else to visit).

Glommable offers a quiz to scientifically determine which of Henry VIII’s wives you are. I am Anne Boleyn, so that ends poorly for me. You’re all welcome for the greatest Queen England has ever known!

– We must all give thanks to Tatler for this slideshow of royal babies.

– Speaking of, Kate told a v. cute story about Prince George’s shenanigans this week. [Vanity Fair]

– The Court Jeweller rewinds to Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Haakon’s wedding, fifteen years ago. Queen Maxima looks like an entirely different person now!

– At People, this is a tear-jerker: Prince William Tells Boy Who Lost His Mother He Still Misses Princess Diana Every Day

– And, finally, we’ve got new portraits of Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik:


Royally Played, Wills and Kate (in LK Bennett)

Kate wore LK Bennett yesterday, too. Everyone over there must just be delighted by the twofer. (For what it’s worth, although this particular dress is sold out, none of this is helping me keep my vow to stop buying perfect day dresses. Damn you, Kate. Covering you is bad for my budget.) For those of you tracking Wills’s every sartorial move, yes, these are his usual khakis — the ones I privately call “the trousers that tell me more about The Royal Junk than anticipated.” Let’s start with the snap from KP’s Insta, with a helpful Informative Caption….

…and as ever, you can see more in the slideshow. SO MUCH MORE!

[Photos: Getty]


Royally Played, Wills and Kate (In LK Bennett)

A royal re-wear for the both of them today! (I mean, Wills rewears stuff all the time, obviously, but you know….who can tell one blue suit from the other?) I am delighted that the response to his taking a chance on this jacket at Wimbledon has prompted him to yank it out of the wardrobe again. As for Kate, who can forget the time she wore this to climb into an airplane without flashing anyone?

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty]


Royals Round-Up, August 19th, 2016

In which Max and Wax take on the crown of the Makers of Olympics Sportsfaces from Wills and Kate. It seems that if you are a royal personage and you weren’t at the Olympics this week, you weren’t anywhere. (I assume Wills and Kate are off making out in a linen closet while they’re supposed to be prepping for next month’s trip to Canada; Harry is still in Africa communing with the elephants (seriously); obviously, Letizia is on vacay in Mallorca, where I assume she’s practicing her already-steller French-braiding skills; and Mathilde is clearly off working on her quantum physics or whatever.)

Here at GFY, in case you missed it, we celebrated Princess Anne’s birthday by taking a look back at how foxy and skeptical she has always been.

And elsewhere around the internet:

– Kate and Wills are deffo bringing the kids to Canada next month. I don’t know about you, but I am totally ready for another royal tour. [Vanity Fair]

– This piece about Pippa Middleton in the New York Times is really interesting.

The Express reports that Eugenie and her boyfriend are getting married next year. The palace has denied that they are engaged, but my theory is that this story is essentially true but they are not TECHNICALLY literally engaged yet. A denial of semantics.

– She is, however, definitely moving into an apartment in Kensington Palace and out of the one she shares with Princess Beatrice over at St James’s. (She’s going to be right next door to Harry. KP is really turning into the Young Royals Compound over there.) [Vogue]

– Queen Rania’s been looking great lately.  Behold, a few of her recent looks:

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Royal Retrospective: Princess Anne

Today is Princess Anne’s 66th birthday! And it’s vitally important to share with you proof that (a) she has always seemed highly skeptical and incredibly suspicious; an amateur detective since birth, (b) she was also quite foxy indeed back in the day, and (c) she has worn some truly noteworthy (read: crazy) hats. Please join me for this flashback episode of The Princess Anne Mystery Diaries!

[Photos: Getty Images]


Royals Round-Up, August 5th, 2016

‘Tis the season when all the royals of the world are either locked in a tanning bed or heading toward Rio for the Olympics. Thanks be to Pierre Casiraghi, who went out and looked hot on a boat this week, and then also went to a funeral where he ALSO looked hot. Get you a man who can do both.

In case you missed it here at GFY earlier in the week, we did a huge look back and Wills and Kate’s first trip to Canada as a way to predict what we might see from them in September. It was fun!

And elsewhere on the internet:

– This article on Politico about how Tim Kaine’s staff managed the logistics of a visit from QE2 is really, really interesting.

– Order of Splendor gives it up for Princess Anne’s jewels!

People covers Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s Olympic love story.

– Are Mary’s shoes striped?! GASP.

– — In which Andy Murray almost smacks Princess Anne in the face with her own flag! (She seems amused.)

– Harry finishes this video with modified finger guns and therefore I thought it was important that you see it:


Royal Rewind: Wills & Kate’s First Trip to Canada

We learned last week that Wills and Kate are going to be visiting Canada next month — exact dates still TBD — and may actually be bringing the kids with them, which will be exciting for those of us who enjoy squealing over wee babies (AKA me).  What better time than a lazy August Tuesday to revisit their first trip, and discuss which of these looks, many of which have been replayed over the last five years, we might see again on this trip. I vote yes on the Maple Leaf Hat, but hope desperately for the cowboy outfit.