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Royals Round-Up, October 31, 2014

First off, in case you missed it, we had some Prince Harry earlier this week, although this slideshow ALSO has EVEN MORE Prince Harry for you. It also brings you HATS and TIARAS and SHEEP and SANDWICHES and WEIRD STATUTES HUGGING.

Elsewhere of interest, can I direct you to the following?


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Your Afternoon Man, Prince Harry

I feel like no one has buttoned or unbuttoned his suit jacket in a long time. Too long:
Prince Harry Attends The Service Of Remembrance And Re-Dedication For Members Of The Victoria Cross And George Cross Association

These photos where taken, per the Informative Photo Caption, at “the service of remembrance and re-dedication for members of the Victoria Cross and George Cross Association at St. Martin-in-the-Fields.” Hence the medals (they are, for those of you keeping score/just super into medals right now, the Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan, The Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal, and the The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal).

Full length (don’t want to deprive you):

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Royals Round-Up, October 24th, 2014

We had so much action this week, THANK GOD and FINALLY.  This slideshow brings you more waxworks, more Harry, NEW Harry, more snaps from Wills and Kate’s outings this week, colorful hats,  a GREAT dress on Letizia, and also other stuff. In case you missed any of our royals coverage over the course of the last few days, a refresher:

Elsewhere on the internet, for you reading pleasure:



Royally Played, Kate Middleton in Temperley London

It seems that Kate spent the last twelve weeks at home thinking, “you know what? LET’S MIX THINGS UP. I’m buying this quasi-low-backed black cocktail dress that MIGHT be sheer in bits but totally isn’t and everyone’s going to love it OR NOT I DON’T CARE. Someone, anyone, NOT GEORGE, please bring me some ginger tea, thank you.”

As for me, I am on record as being generally unmoved by Kate’s cocktail wear, especially when it’s Temperley — I was meh on this Temperley in Australia, and this particular Temperley cocktail dress from a couple of years ago inspired extremely neutral feelings as well. (It seems that while I like Temperley a lot as a whole, I am not as enamored of their cocktail options.) THAT BEING SAID, I think I like this. I definitely like that she continues to (classily) (sort of) sex it up. REGARDLESS, LET’S DISCUSS.

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Royally Played, Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham

After months locked in the house, today brings us a Kate twofer. (In case you missed this morning’s McQueen [and/or Wills], I am here for you.) First McQueen, now Jenny Packham — it’s like she’s cycling through her own greatest hits today, to make up for her absence.

I will be interested to get everyone’s take on this dress. I really like aspects of it — the color, the fabulous draping — and I appreciate that it’s DIFFERENT.  From the waist up, I think it’s a total smash. I think the shorter underskirt was perhaps a compromise in the name of modesty that was considered a more interesting and creative choice than just making the slit less aggressive, which I appreciate, and I like that she’s going leggy.  I am not in general a fan of the high/low skirt, so ultimately this might not be my personal number one jam. This whole slideshow is basically my waffling on my feelings, so know that I could probably be talked around, if you want to try. JUST TRY.

PS: ALL HAIL THE OPEN TOED SHOE. Bonus points for fab new jewelry.

[Photos: Getty, Splash]


Royally Played, Wills and Kate (in McQueen) Welcome the President of Singapore

WELCOME BACK, KATE. (We may see her again later today, as well, as she’s due to go to another event this evening [Not tonight's state dinner. A whole other thing.] I think it’s possible she may not feel up to two events in one day, but I guess we’ll find out.) We’re obviously thrilled she’s back, and we’re also delighted that it appears their baby is officially making its debut in the same month that our royal baby (the new book) is making its debut. We will have so much to talk about. Babies are like books in that sometimes working on creating them makes you want to barf, and you hope everyone loves them when they finally emerge.

Back to the business at hand. Wills and Kate have met today’s visiting dignitaries (the president of Singapore, Tony Tan, and his wife) before, when they were on their Far East tour and swung through Singapore (that blast back to 2012 delights me, as it’s the post in which William appears to be living inside a potted plant.  And not for the last time). This time around, no one has been forced to take shelter in shrubbery. NOT YET. But it appears a new McQueen has been procured, to add to the List of McQueens That I Want. Come take a look.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]