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Royally Played: The Duchess of Cambridge in Alexander McQueen

I love a good coat on a Sunday. (If this one looks familiar,  it’s because she wore it in New Zealand, and then for D-Day [er, the commemoration thereof; she didn't, like, travel back in time to be present, although I'd read that book].) People, as ever, has details on this particular event, which was a service marking the 75th anniversary of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, of which Kate is now patron (according to that piece, apparently now Prince NibblyCheeks wants to fly a Spitfire, just like everyone else). (This Sunday post was brought to you by the parenthetical aside.)

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Royals Round-Up, February 5th, 2016

In this week’s Royals Round-Up: Camilla goes to jail! We get to see inside Clarence House from an angle that is new to me! Harry wears that sweater I like! Crown Princess Mary sports a nice coat. That circus in Monaco is still happening?!!?!?

PS: Kate has an event on Sunday, where she will be presiding over the coin toss at the Super Bowl. Wait, that’s wrong. She’s going to be attending a church service and reception as part of her new gig as Honorary Commandant of the RAF Cadets. We’ll have coverage here, of course, so swing by whenever you get tired of the dips you’re eating.

And elsewhere:

– This is from the Daily Mail (I KNOW), but it’s a fun read (with the usual caveats) for those of us who love Royal Logistics, which is a strength of The Mail. Let me share their own breathless and slightly misleading headline: Confessions of the Queen’s Vicar: Diana’s ‘terrible’ upbringing, Andrew on the rampage and Princess Margaret’s VERY distracting decolletage… an indiscreet portrait of the off-duty Royals.

– Our friends at the Duchess Diary report that QE2 is giving Kate her patronage of the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club (the home of Wimbledon), which is both a very plum assignment and one that makes total sense given that Kate loves tennis and they go to Wimbledon every summer anyway.

– Rumor has it that Prince SquishyFace NoodleMuffin is doing v. well at nursery school; I wonder if his being in school on the regular right now is one of the reasons that Kate and Wills didn’t join the rest of the Middz in Mustique right now. (The other reason being, I think. that they’ve finally realized it’s bad optics, and also he’s flying a lot right now.) (Hello!)

– The Court Jeweller reports on all the tiaras at Sweden’s Representative Dinner. Shiny! (Sofia — who looks lovely — is basically sparkles from head to toe.)

Crown Princess Mary sported a purple Alexander McQueen evening gown this week, which you probably want to see. (Order of Splendor)

People has the scoop on the cancelled Spanish state visit to the UK, which I mentioned in the slideshow.

–Prince Charles has made 3 MILLION (People reports it as dollars, but I think it’s actually three million pounds) selling prints of his artwork since 1997. (For charity.)

– There’s going to be a big exhibit of the Queen’s clothing for her 90th birthday! Let’s go! (BBC)

– Tatler has several photos of royals playing rugby. BLESS THEM.

– And our friends at Vanity Fair of course have the scoop on Harry’s partying over the weekend.

– Harry put a wee child’s wellie back on her foot today. It’s rather charming. (Reports from the field all indicate that he was on Full Charm at this visit.)

  — This seems about right:

– This looks fun!


Royals Round-Up, January 29th, 2016

THE BEARD ABIDES. Also, Maxima, what are you wearing?!

And, elsewhere:

European Queens Waged More Wars Than Kings, says The Science of Us. We ladies like to get things done, what can I say?

People explains what was involved in some of the religious ceremonies performed by Prince Albert and Charlene this past week.

– Also at People, Pips just did this major ski race, and celebrated afterward with fondue. I support that.

– This is an interesting piece in The Telegraph about the work Camilla is doing for charities devoted to helping victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

– One of QE2′s former press secretaries recently died, and his obit — also in The Telegraph — is very interesting. I love him for this alone: “With better locations [for press covering a royal event], the photographs and copy might have been more interesting.” THANK YOU FOR THINKING ABOUT OUR COPY, SIR.

The Sun has this whole piece — and, you know, grain of salt and all — about how Prince Harry is totes bummed now because everyone he knows is getting married and having babies and he’s all byyyyyy himseeeeeeelf.

– This is from the Mail (I KNOW), but you probably want to read all about the auction they’re doing of the Duchess of Devonshire’s estate. WHAT SHALL WE BUY? (Also, it’s really random that Madonna gave her a signed copy of The Year of Magical Thinking, which, by the way, MADONNA DID NOT WRITE. I get it, but…that’s a strange gift. “Hey, I put a super chipper note inside this book that’s SUPER UPSETTING.” I mean, that is a great book but it’s also a total bummer and full of people dropping dead, so sort of tone-deaf to give to, like, a 95 year old woman who’s lost so many people in her life.)


Royals Round-Up, January 22, 2016

This week’s round-up encompasses everything from the Pope to the circus. Seriously.

And elsewhere:

People explains why Charlene — as pictured in the slideshow today — wore white to meet the Pope. It’s complicated and interesting.

– Sophie Wessex turned 51 on Wednesday, and Hello! of course rounded up a variety of facts about her.

You can now take a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace! This would have been helpful when we were writing The Royal We, guys. (Royal Central)

Shit is getting real for Spain’s Infanta Cristina, if I may be blunt. Money laundering is no joke. But I did laugh a little when I read that the other party in this palaver is “a former Olympic handball champion.” OF COURSE. (The Guardian)

– You’ll enjoy this interview with a former Buckingham Palace chef.  I LOVE royal logistics, and this is chockful of them. For example: “Staff breakfast was at seven o’clock. Nine o’clock was the royal breakfast. The challenge came from making five or six different breakfasts. Maybe five of the royals ate together, but then the Queen would eat by herself. Or Prince Andrew would eat by himself and then there’d be other people visiting who needed to be served. There was also the household breakfast, which was for all the people who were masters of the household, like the ladies in waiting.” He also claims that his carrot cake was revolutionary. Er, not literally. (Lucky Peach)

– This is an interesting bit from Anne Leibovitz about photographing the Queen. The word “feisty” is used. (The Duchess Diary)

– Harry will surely be pleased to hear that the British Army has a new goat. (Mashable)

– At The Court Jeweller, excellent coverage of the Norwegian Silver Jubilee, and other silver jubilees in general.

– Have you voted in What Kate Wore’s poll to determine the best of Kate’s coats in 2015? This is a question near and dear to me.


Royals Round-Up, January 15th, 2016

Big news! In case you missed it, WILLS CUT HIS HAIR. We have full coverage, of course, here.

Additionally, as I think there’s a big overlap between people who read this feature and those of you who enjoy Downton Abbey, if you missed our most recent recap in the flurry of the Golden Globes, it is here.

And in today’s round-up, we’ve got a nice dose of Maxima, but it’s been a light week as everyone slowly crawls back to work (including me). I CAN, however, promise you some excellent Wikipedia-sourced gossip.


Tatler rounds up the best royal hair, British edition.

– The Court Jeweller is looking back at historic Norwegian royal weddings, and it’s REALLY interesting. This one offers malaria, royal yachts, confusing telegrams, and loads and loads of jewels.

– At the Observer: Gagosian, Qatari Royals Locked in Dispute Over Picasso Sculpture. Tell me more!

Hello! rounds up all the places that the British royals are going this year. Lots of places, is the short answer, and I look forward to a return to our middle-of-the-night postings.

– On that topic, I love reading about the gifts that the royals collect on these trips. Via People, we learn that 2015 brought them toys, honey butter, and, obviously, a marzipan model of the Brandenburg Gate.

– Our friend at The Duchess Diary reports on rumors that Pippa Middleton has a new boyfriend.

– Over at the Royal Hats blog is a good look at the many hats of the Japanese Imperial Family at their traditional New Year’s Lectures.

– The Norwegians have a new official portrait:

– And, finally:

This is in aid of her work with children’s mental health charities, and additionally I feel like, somewhere, Kate is noting, “you guys couldn’t have picked a better picture of me?!?!?! Someone is fired.” (You’re welcome to passive-aggressively link to this post at any time, Kate.)


Royally Played: Wills Cuts His Hair

FINALLY Wills goes for the close crop — we’ve only been yapping about this FOR AGES — and it looks so much better. In other news, Kate’s re-wearing that Michael Kors tweed she wore over Christmas (she is currently really into tweed, you guys), and Pippa Middleton is sporting a fur turban, which I clearly love. I assume all the Middletons came along to church this Sunday because they’re all over at Anmer Hall for Kate’s birthday, which was yesterday. Wills’s gift was obviously this haircut.

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Royals Round-Up, January 8, 2016

Our last Royals Round-Up was on December 18th, so today’s post is going to cover a whole bunch of stuff that’s happened in the last few weeks — although, technically, not too much happened over the holidays, so don’t worry.

In case you missed it earlier this week, or over the holiday break, we’ve had quite a lot for your royals-reading pleasure:

– Prince George started preschool and he was so cute!

– All the Brits, as usual, went to church on Christmas…

–…and then two days later, on Sunday.

– We looked at 2015′s highlights for Wills and Kate and George and Charlotte.

–And examined the Year in Prince Harry.

– And the highlights for all the rest of the royals. Tiaras! Weddings! Babies!

And elsewhere:

Vanity Fair celebrates QE2′s love of headscarves.

– And Prince Philip was named to British GQ‘s list of best dressed men, well above fellow honoree Prince Harry. (I suspect you will want to eyeball the rest of the list as well.)

– The Bhutanese royals continue to be EXTREMELY good-looking. (Hello!)

– Speaking of, Wills and Kate are going to meet the King and Queen of Bhutan, and compare shiny hair, when they travel to Bhutan in the spring after their previously-announced trip to India (we also learn in this piece that Harry is going to Nepal). The photo opps for all of this are going to be great.

– This is juicy, at The Crown Chronicles: Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon wanted Edward VIII for herself claims new docu-drama

– This is at the Daily Mail, so CLICK AWARE, but the Prince William stuff from the interview with the princes that Ant and Dec did over the break is interesting. I also enjoyed learning that Harry is always over stealing food from Wills and Kate. It seems right. (I haven’t been able to to find a way for those of us in the US to see the entire thing yet, but I’m sure it is, or will be, possible; the Mail does have some video.)

– Speaking of video, Hello! has footage of Charlene, Prince Albert, and the twins, to celebrate their first birthdays. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard Charlene speak before! The kids are lively and SO cute and trying to eat EVERYTHING. I’d also love it if a native French speaker could confirm for me if Albert’s French accents sounds particularly American, because I can TOTALLY understand his French and that was definitely not been the case when I am, say, in France. (If the video doesn’t work for you on Hello‘s site, you can see it on Facebook. The musical choices are…kind of intense.)

– Bustle has kindly run down all of Harry’s notable ladyfriends for us!

– And, finally, in case you’re wondering what Queen Rania’s up to: