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Royally Played, Princess Charlotte

In which Kensington Palace cracks the whip to bring me back to work several hours early, by releasing these on the Twitters. But what are five hours of lying on the sofa watching TV and shoving leftover queso dip in my mouth, after all? Important work, to be sure, but not important enough to deprive you of the newest look at Princess SquashyFace NoodleMcMuffin. I could not wait. And I don’t want to shock you, but she is a very, very cute baby:

Princess Charlotte - Official Photographs Released

For purposes of comparison, here’s George at KINDA the same age. I do not think they look much alike, other than the Majestic Round Cheeks I Want To Gnaw Upon, Gently. I also appreciate that Kate is letting me eyeball one of her armchairs at Anmer. Personally, I think it could use a throw pillow.

Princess Charlotte - Official Photographs Released

OR A STUFFED PUPPY. You’re right, Charlotte. That’s a much better idea.

[Photos: HRH The Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images]


Royally Played: The Duchess of Cambridge in Matthew Williamson

Oooh, this is a re-wear but we haven’t seen this dress for AGES. Someone’s been digging around the back of her KP closet.

Also, girlfriend gave a speech today (she also gave one at her event last night, so the Mail‘s qualifier of “rare,” while true on the whole, isn’t technically accurate for this current week). The quality isn’t good — it’s rather like a British-accented version of the teacher from Peanuts — but IT EXISTS:

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]


Royally Played: Wills and Kate (in Saloni)

A big day for the Duke and Duchess, and much of it was quite serious. They both went and signed the condolence book at the French Embassy, before Wills went to the French v. England soccer match at Wembley (which he had not been originally scheduled to do) in order to be present as FA President — and, surely, as Feeling Human Person — for the moment of silence and singing of La Marseillaise and for purposes of general solidarity through sports (his actual quote was, “Tonight’s game is a chance to pay tribute to the bravery and resolve of the French people”), and Kate went to a event celebrating The Fostering Network, which (as the name implies) works with children in foster care. (As ever, HRH Duchess Kate has an excellent overview of the day’s events.) (This post has been sponsored by PARENTHESIS!)

We’ve got some extra pics from inside Kate’s event, thanks to the KP Twitter:

As always, I want to know more about THE PASTRIES. Priorities in this life.

[Photos: Getty]


Royals Round-Up, November 13th, 2015

Greetings, Fug Nationals! This week’s Royals Round-Up is a joint effort between me and Heather, because as you read this, I will be recuperating from having two wisdom teeth out and apparently it’s not advisable that I write about Prince Harry whilst strung out on Vicodin. WHICH SEEMS UNFAIR.  I’m sure my thoughts would be perfectly cogent.

Other royals coverage this week here at GFY included:

Wills & Kate went to the Festival of Remembrance this past weekend, along with a variety of family members. Wills wore his glasses!

Max and Wax came to London for Remembrance Sunday, which also brought us a McQueen coat on Kate, which is also somewhat of a tradition. Also: swords.


Hello! has put together a bunch of amusing anecdotes about the British Royal Family, including that the Queen collects pepper shakers. I guess once collecting colonies is out of the question, one must collect SOMETHING. (Sorry, I saw Hamilton this week; I have colonies on the brain.) Also, this is amazing: “To avoid arriving late, Prince Philip has given his valet the task of feeding him sandwiches while he drives.” That is truly living the dream. For Philip, not the sandwich-feeder.

The Independent reports that certain Indian luminaries and businessmen want the Koh-i-Noor diamond back from Great Britain, and they’re going to sue for it. This is a complicated issue, and one The Guardian articulates well in this opinion piece. But speaking of articulating things well, there’s a quote in The Independent that they got from the DMIK (which I’m sure is EXTREMELY I KNOW about this), in which a historian is quoted as basically saying that India should be happy to let the UK keep that giant diamond out of gratitude for how awesome it was for India to be colonized. I can only imagine that everyone who is on the legal team that’s working to allow the UK to keep the diamond sent that guy a series of texts that basically said, “OMG SHUT THE F UP YOU ARE REALLY NOT HELPING.”

– Speaking of India, Wills and Kate are taking an official trip to India next spring — probably sans Georgie and Charlotte — and I cannot wait. It’s going to be fascinating and incredibly photogenic, I suppose. Imagine the Taj Mahal shot! (People)

Hello! has a run down of past royal jaunts to India.

– Also via People, Wills and Kate are going to Wales next weekend (and have a lot on the docket next week in general). Good thing I will presumably be off my Tooth Drugs by then!)

– Royalista brings us Crown Princess Mary in her best gold lame.

– Per Hello!, the very very very attractive King and Queen of Bhutan are expecting a baby, who will surely also become a very very very attractive individual.

– The Duchess Diaries had basically the same reaction that I did to a recent story in the DMIK that Kate is starting a line of organic foods, namely: I’m so sure.

Queen Mathilde is currently in Ethiopia with UNICEF.

– At Vogue, Michelle Ruiz takes a class called The Duchess Effect — AKA, Kate Training. For those of you who’ve read The Royal We: Exiting a vehicle does not seem to be on the docket, but the proper way to sit is.

– I always enjoy the Jewel History feature at The Court Jeweller,  and this recent one about the court jewels is fun.

Tatler tackles Royal Small Talk.

– The Royal Hats blog updates us on what’s been happening on the heads of the Swedish recently.

– Sophie Wessex met a goat in Canada:

  — We have shots of this in the slideshow, but I thought you might want to see Harry in action:

  — Harry also did this:


Royally Played: Wills and Kate and Harry at Remembrance Day

No one told me Maxima was going to be there! (In fairness, someone probably did and I just didn’t absorb it.) It is the 70th anniversary of the British liberation of the Netherlands, so she and King W-A popped by to mark the occasion (of which The Telegraph had excellent coverage). As ever, and rightly, we don’t have a complete shot of anyone’s outfit, but Kate’s coat is Alexander McQueen (which is good news for those of us [me] who have been longing for some McQueen action), and goodness knows I always enjoy an event that involves uniforms, and William looking solemn in a hat.

(And, in case you missed yesterday’s event — Kate is in one of D&G’s Sexy Italian Widow outfits, except not that sexy; Wills is wearing his glasses; Princess Michael of Kent is wearing ALL THE HAIR — you can eyeball those shenanigans here.)

[Photos: Getty]


Royally Played: Wills and Kate (and some other people) at the Festival of Remembrance

Kate is, like, really into lace Dolce and Gabbana dresses right now.

[Photos: Getty}


Royals Round-Up, November 6th, 2015

In which Prince Harry HUGS PEOPLE SO WARMLY and also wears a uniform and is basically in Peak Harry Form. Bonus; Wills wears his glasses, which I love; there are good coats; AND I bring you A PUPPY IN UNIFORM.

Also: Wills and Kate have an outing tomorrow, which I will post about when I can — I will be on a plane for part of the day, and blah blah when will I get the pictures boring technological blah — so pop by and check out their coats!

ALSO: Heather and I are thrilled that The Royal We is up for Best Fiction of 2015 Award in this year’s Goodreads Choice Awards. You can vote — for us, or any of the other worthy nominees — here!


– Charlotte Casiraghi allegedly has a new boyfriend. (People)

– I’m just going to give you the headline for this story, at Royalista: Breathtaking tiaras at royal Swedish banquet

– I also love People’s #TBT to their cover speculating that Kate and Wills — attending a friend’s wedding — were betrothed, which, SPOILER, they were.

– At the Royal Hats Blog: Catching Up With The Imperial Royals

– At English Heritage, Lord Hastings, Richard III and an Unfinished Castle

– Prince Daniel gave an interview about his kidney transplant. (People)

– I giggled at this headline, in Hello! Princess Charlotte turns 6 months old: All we know about the young royal. Let me see. We know her parents’ names. We know who her nanny is. We know she’s a baby! I DO think we’ll get photos of her and George in the next month or so. (George’s Christmas pics came out at the beginning of December, which I know because it was a surprise, and it happened while I was at a holiday event with my parents. I WAS JUST TRYING TO LIVE MY LIFE, KATE.)

– Oooooh, look at this tiara at Order of Splendor!

Tatler brings you a GIANT slideshow of Prince Harry pics.

– Okay, so this is in the Daily Mail (I KNOW), so take that with all of the grains of salt you require, but I totally read it because I’m an unconfirmed gossip-loving monster: How Camilla is hunting for a wife for Harry: The Duchess ‘loves to be involved’ in finding ‘right girl’ for the prince. My favorite alleged detail is that Harry is apparently getting the title that we gave to Nick in the book. (We wanted a real one, and didn’t want to use Cambridge, obviously.)

– FINALLY, everyone knows cruise ships are HOTBEDS OF CRIMINALS: