Quarantine has gotten to Charlene!

In case you missed it, the Cambridges released their (very cute) Christmas card; and we wrapped up our recaps of The Crown. I also Royal Wedding Rewinded to the wedding of Queen Noor and King Hussein, back in 1978.


Harry and Meghan made a podcast deal with Spotify! This seems smart and savvy. [THR]

Over at Vanity Fair, Katie Nicholl reports: After a Rollercoaster Year, Harry and Meghan Are On “Much Better” Terms With the Royal Family—And “Optimistic” About 2021

At Messy Nessy Chic: The Cult British Brand of Diana’s Iconic 80s Look is Ready for a Comeback

Harper’s Bazaar reports that Pippa Middleton is expecting another baby. Lots of baby news lately!

At People: Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf Says Country’s Approach to COVID-19 ‘Has Failed’ in Rare Royal Rebuff

And on social media:

I like this lipstick on Meghan:

This feels like business as usual.


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The Queen seems like she’s really gotten into Zoom.


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This is sweet:

This is just a really good house:

I’ll give you the translation for this one, because it’s extra interesting:

“In today’s door in the Christmas calendar, Nissepigen and Nissebroderen have found the sewing kittat in Nuuk, where members of the royal family have over time sewn their Greenlandic national costumes.

Her Majesty the Queen has worn various Greenlandic national costumes. The current one is a West Greenlandic suit, which mainly consists of a heavy, colorful pearl collar with an accompanying purple woman anorak without a hood with an upright collar and cuffs in dark sealskin. The picture shows the Queen in her Greenlandic national costume in 2009. ⁣

The sewing room Kittat in Nuuk is one of two sewing rooms in Greenland that have been established as educational institutions to preserve the special craft methods it takes to create a Greenlandic national costume. Although both sewing rooms are located in southwestern Greenland, the seamstresses also learn to make the regional costumes that belong to East and North Greenland.⁣”

This is festive:


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