Fug File: plaid

Fug or Fine: Reese Witherspoon and Matthew McConaughey

I love this photo.

It says, to me, “Huh. News of the DUI and disorderly conduct thing has GOT to come out any second now. Right? When is THAT happening? Is someone going to ask me about it now? Is it going to break during this event and then suddenly everyone at the party will be staring at me and snickering while they look at TMZ on their phones? WHY did I yell at that cop? Isn’t the first rule of being a celebrity ‘Don’t Be A Douche When You Get Busted For Doing Something Dumb and Illegal and Dangerous, Because Nothing You Say Will Stop It From Happening, But Being Awful Means You’ll Just Look Nasty and Deluded and Have To Apologize? Is that too long to get stamped on my wrist?”

And now for the outfits.

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Fug or Fab: Emma Watson

If Emma were smiling, this might’ve had a shot.

But she isn’t, and there isn’t a picture of her in our subscriptions where she is. So what could’ve been a cute, girly-with-an-edge take on tartan, had she seemed to enjoy herself in it, suddenly becomes, “My agent lost a bet with Gerard Butler and so now I have to star in a new West End ballet called Scotch Leg about three generations of Scottish haggis makers and the women they love. And I HATE haggis. Except Paul Haggis. And even then I’m not sure. God, this acting thing is hard sometimes. Do we think JK might change her mind and write Harry Potter and the Mid-Life Crisis Motorbike? Please?”

Judge the outfit alone:

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And now the whole package:

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Well Played, Juliana Margulies

This is classic with a hint of funky — just the way I like my cheese! — and I love it:

I think it helps that I LOVE her and she is my celebrity lady crush. Let’s review: she is getting more gorgeous the older she gets; she is married to a CRAZY HOT dude who is younger than she is; she used to get to make out with Clooney and GET PAID TO DO SO; she and Intern George are still friends; she CURRENTLY gets paid to make out with Josh Charles, who I’ve loved since he was in Dead Poets Society and I was in high school; she is on perhaps the one show on network TV right now which treats a woman’s relationship with the other women in her life with the same importance that it treats her romances, and which has at least three women on it whose characters are defined in part by the fact that they rule at their jobs, and which also employs Jason Street, Alan Cumming, Mr. Big, Grams, Gary Cole AND Michael J Fox (who — I’m calling it right now — is winning the Emmy next month). In other words, you should probably pick up The Good Wife, and I am also, in all honesty, considering buying whatever Fancy Magic Face Elixir she’s shilling for L’Orealancomebellarins.

That being said, I’m also a sucker for plaid and full skirts. So there you go.


Gossip Fug

Don’t worry, Gossip Girl mega-fans:

Ed Westwick is planning on staying in character ALL SUMMER.


Mysteriously Played, Chloe Sevigny

When I was looking over the pictures from last night’s events, I saw this photo — labeled, enticingly, “CHLOE SEVIGNY” — first:

Obviously, you can imagine the thrill with which I imagined what the rest of this look could possibly BE! I was picturing something three parts dominatrix, two parts 70s kindergarten teacher, one part Cosby sweater.



Helena Bonham Carter-ly Played: Helena Bonham Carter

GEOFFREY RUSH: I’m photobombing this picture of Bellatrix Lestrange and Mark Darcy!

HELENA BONHAM CARTER: That’s not who we really are, Geoffrey.

COLIN FIRTH: Nor are you technically photobombing us. You’re more like….posing saucily along with us.

GEOFFREY: Fine! I’m posing saucily in this picture of Lucy Honeychurch and Mr….Darcy, again! Hey, I never noticed that before.


COLIN: That’s kind of the whole point of Mark Darcy.

GEOFFREY: So you’re Mark Darcy AND MISTER Darcy?

HELENA: Can I just interject here that I’m not actually Lucy Honeychurch either?

COLIN: Also, his name is Fitzwilliam. Which is why he prefers to go by “Mister.”

GEOFFREY: I can’t believe that this Darcy/Darcy thing never came up in our meetings of The Society of British Actors Excluded from Harry Potter. 


COLIN: I’ll have you know that we welcome all people with accents who feel excluded from the most prolific franchise Great Britain has ever produced.

HELENA: Fine. Fine. Whatever. I’ve been hearing about this for years. Do you know many times Hugh Grant has rung me and hung up? Get over it. Start talking about my outfit.

GEOFFREY: It’s terribly PLAID.

COLIN: It’s incredibly YOU.

HELENA: You should have seen what I wore earlier!

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