I love this photo.

It says, to me, “Huh. News of the DUI and disorderly conduct thing has GOT to come out any second now. Right? When is THAT happening? Is someone going to ask me about it now? Is it going to break during this event and then suddenly everyone at the party will be staring at me and snickering while they look at TMZ on their phones? WHY did I yell at that cop? Isn’t the first rule of being a celebrity ‘Don’t Be A Douche When You Get Busted For Doing Something Dumb and Illegal and Dangerous, Because Nothing You Say Will Stop It From Happening, But Being Awful Means You’ll Just Look Nasty and Deluded and Have To Apologize? Is that too long to get stamped on my wrist?”

And now for the outfits.

Reese actually looks nice with Drew Barrymore’s hair. The dress is a total afterthought, though, which maybe it was considering that a day earlier she was in prison orange. ZING. And McConaughey just looks hilarious. He’s Ryan Gosling crossed with a circus ringmaster, multiplied by the older alums who used to come back to campus wearing plaid pants and talking about how much better the football team used to be. I might love it.


  • Looks pretty good considering she had, er, a rough weekend (46%, 2,073 Votes)
  • Looks pretty good regardless (13%, 584 Votes)
  • Looks like she wasn't even trying (41%, 1,843 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,500

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And Matthew?

  • LOVE (4%, 178 Votes)
  • LOVE HOW INSANE IT IS (61%, 2,592 Votes)
  • NOOOOOO (35%, 1,496 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,266

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