Fug File: Downton Abbey

Fug the Show: The Downton Abbey Series Finale Recap

Many years ago, the final Harry Potter book came out, after much anticipation. I had pre-ordered it from Amazon, but then realized that my postman probably wouldn’t deliver it until 2pm, which absolutely would not do. (I didn’t need it at midnight, but I did need it at 10am.) So I got in the car and drove to Barnes & Noble and waited in a very long line and made friends with a totally charming nine-year-old boy, and drove home, and sat on my sofa and opened the book and burst into tears at the dedication. And that is how I knew I would be crying throughout that book. You may be wondering where I am going with this: The instant the Downton theme song kicked in, I started to cry.

So just be aware of how this is going to go. Although I mostly held it together until…okay, not really that long. Who am I kidding?

Before we get into the plot, I’d very very much like to thank everyone who’s been part of this community for so long who hasn’t spoiled ANY of us on anything. You guys are the best. And now I don’t have to add my usual disclaimer. Everything that needs knowing is known, and we have so much to discuss. I apologize for how long this recap is. I just….didn’t want to have to stop talking about Downton forever.

To the boot room — where, FOR ONCE, nothing horrible was revealed. (I really did think it was going to turn out that the Gutenberg Bible was stashed there, inside some discarded old shoe.)


Fug the Show: Downton Abbey Recap, Episode 608

You guys. This episode. It was so good. So satisfying. SO full of people having fights we’ve wanted them to have for ages, and other people going fully Get-A-Grip in a most gratifying way. People had actual, legitimate psychological breakthroughs. Plots moved forward. I spent the last twenty-five minutes crying, solidly, for a whole variety of reasons. At other points, I was enraged (Mary, I could simply throttle you). I think I burst a vessel screeching, “EDITH YOU HAVE TO TELL HIM,” and at one particular moment, I shout-screamed “HA” and clapped with honest, surprised glee. Downton has had its issues, but, oh, I am going to miss it terribly, and never more than right now, when it seems like the captain is well and truly steering the ship again. This episode was great. To the chapel, my friends!

Housekeeping notes: This is the penultimate episode, so we’re got only one left to go! Please continue to not spoil us on the final final ending, dear readers who’ve already seen the series finale. Said aforementioned finale is 90 minutes, and it will air in the US on PBS on Sunday, March 6th — there’s a week being skipped so as not to compete with the Oscars. Whatever shall we do when it’s over?


Fug the Show: Downton Abbey Recap, Episode 607

Which bring us flames, and drinking, and tears (mine, and other people’s), and puppies, and proposals. To the south of France! At least, theoretically.

Please assume my usual caveat about holding your fire about what happens in the next two episodes, until we get to them. We are so close to the end, now! Thank you!


Fug the Show: Downton Abbey Recap, Episode 606

This episode truly had it all: kissing (in the rain, no less)! Tours of grand British estates (only my favorite thing ever)! Crying! Headbands! Bertie giving Mary a dirty look on Edith’s behalf! Wise children! Crying underbutlers! Surprise fiancees! It seems that Old York’s Hottest Club IS Downton Abbey.

As ever, if you’ve seen this season in its entirety, please don’t spoil the rest of us. We VERY MUCH appreciate your restraint…and before we know it, the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed. We only have three more episodes to go! (Note: there will not be a new episode on February 28th, and thank God, because putting the series finale of Downton up against the Oscars would have been terribly, terribly mean.)


Fug the Show: Downton Abbey Recap, Episode 605

This episode was, simply put, a roller-coaster. I laughed out loud and I clapped with glee. There was Matthew Goode, and kissing, and beer, and great outfits — possibly the best of the series to date –and burgeoning romance for the very middle-aged. I also laughed at Bates for the first time in…our shared existence, I think.  But something very upsetting also happened, in a manner far more upsetting than I would have predicted. For once, Julian Fellowes, the Dramatic Event did not happen off-screen. Shall we go in?

PS: As ever, if you’ve seen this season in its entirety, please don’t spoil us! Thank you! Additionally, I am now recapping via the season six DVDs, which came out on Tuesday, and which are the British version, so it’s POSSIBLY slightly different from what PBS has brought us. I’ll try to note any changes or differences if I see them.


Fug the Show: Downton Abbey recap, Episode 604

AT LAST! Matthew Goode, it feels like we’ve been waiting forever. I cannot drag out this prelude any longer! To the warm embrace of your manly arms!

Okay, that was a lie. Some preliminary thoughts, before we leap onto Matthew Goode’s lean, tuxedoed form: I actually enjoyed this episode quite a lot — some of the Violet scenes were gloriously quippy — and the outfits were extra good, and Branson being back is a joy and also, obviously, my future husband Matthew Goode is a delectable treat of a man ALTHOUGH MY GOD JUST TELL HIM YOUR HUSBAND DIED IN A CAR ACCIDENT, MARY, THIS IS SO OBVIOUSLY A SOURCE OF CONFLICT BETWEEN YOU TWO AND IT’S DUMB, SO DUMB, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE HE REALLY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN ANYWAY BECAUSE THE DOWNTON HEIR CRASHING HIS CAR INTO A TREE ON THE DAY OF HIS CHILD’S BIRTH WOULD HAVE BEEN SOME HOT GOSSIP. ARGH. On that tip, the Bateses inability to tell each other anything EVER drives me bonkers but…well, we’ll get into that. Will we ever.

PS: A gentle reminder to please be mindful of spoilers if you’ve already seen this season. I know it’s so tempting to be like, “ooooh, you’re going to love what happens when Batman shows up!” (or whatever), but please refrain! Thank you very very much for everyone’s thoughtfulness thus far as regards this issue.


Fug the Show: Downton Abbey Recap, Episode 603

First, and most importantly, if Matthew Goode doesn’t show up soon, I SHALL SURELY PERISH. Second, this episode was a vast improvement over last week’s, and, yes, that means I cried more than once.

As ever, if you’ve seen this season already, please don’t spoil us on upcoming events. Thank you very much for understanding. To the reception hall!