This episode was, simply put, a roller-coaster. I laughed out loud and I clapped with glee. There was Matthew Goode, and kissing, and beer, and great outfits — possibly the best of the series to date –and burgeoning romance for the very middle-aged. I also laughed at Bates for the first time in…our shared existence, I think.  But something very upsetting also happened, in a manner far more upsetting than I would have predicted. For once, Julian Fellowes, the Dramatic Event did not happen off-screen. Shall we go in?

PS: As ever, if you’ve seen this season in its entirety, please don’t spoil us! Thank you! Additionally, I am now recapping via the season six DVDs, which came out on Tuesday, and which are the British version, so it’s POSSIBLY slightly different from what PBS has brought us. I’ll try to note any changes or differences if I see them.