I just noticed that in this picture, Poor Edith is lurking on the staircase like a tragical ghost forced to haunt her childhood home where she was left at the altar; had a baby with the guy who got killed by Nazis; gave that baby up to bunch of people in Switzerland; got the baby back again; had to give the baby to a pig farmer; and then had to take the baby back again. I assume the ghost Edith has a lot to say to everybody, and I also assume this is the main plotline of the Downton Abbey movie, which opens today. Due to a variety of life circumstances, I myself cannot see said film until Monday, but I promised y’all an open thread for full discussion and so you shall have it! I will not make you wait until I have gotten to the movies myself! Please, discuss away! I hope the film is full of full frontal Matthew Goode nudity, myself, and I guess I’ll find out in just a couple of days.

(Note: A few people have asked me if we’re going to be recapping the movie.  I really appreciate the question! The logistics of recapping require that I pause whatever I’m writing about approximately 475 times over like a six hour period, and obviously I can’t do that with a movie that’s in the theaters, so we won’t be able to do a traditional recap until the film is on streaming [if you still care then!]. Hopefully this discussion will scratch that itch, though.)

Go forth and discuss! (Note the second: Obviously the comments on this post will be full of spoilers. Please do not read them if you do not want to be spoiled on the Downton Abbey movie.)