The world’s royalty really is back out and about again, thank God. We’ve got loads of hats this week for your perusal, among other things. Also, Harry and Meghan’s trip to South Africa (and, for Harry, to Angola, Malawi and Botswana) kicks off on Monday (with baby Archie!) — the day after the Emmys, like, y’all, can you not think of the entertainment and style bloggers when you schedule these things?! That honestly seems like the least you can do and a totally reasonable request.  We will, of course, have a complete coverage of the tour. (One of you asked if I was going to do a fashion preview for this tour, and I’m very sorry I wasn’t able to do it: I’m dealing with serious carpal tunnel in one of my hands [conveniently, my dominant one] and I can’t type right now. I am literally dictating this. [To my computer. Not to some sort of Peggy Olsen that I secretly employ.] But enough about me! Let’s look at hats.)

In case you miss it here at GFY, Kate had an event yesterday and she wore intriguing trousers.

Elsewhere on the Internet:

Oh! I got to be on the Zoom podcast this week talking about Downton Abbey, and, more generally about royals in film. Julian Fellowes is also on this episode!

At Lainey, as I mentioned in the slideshow, Harry and Meghan are in Rome for a wedding at the moment. They’re leaving for South Africa on Monday! They’ve got a lot going on in the next couple of weeks. (There are a few pictures of their arrival coming out, but so far I really have only been able to see, like, part of Meghan’s shoulder and not a very good look at her dress; I believe it is Valentino.)

Speaking of their tour, Meghan’s Mirror has a full itinerary. I’m not sure how much we’re going to see Archie; Harry does do quite a bit of trip this solo, as he’s going to leave Meghan and Archie in South Africa, and visit Angola, Malawi and Botswana, as well. I hope my hand heals magically before all this happens.

At The Sun (I know): Builder reveals the Queen made him a cup of tea at Buckingham Palace …but he didn’t realise it was her. (This piece also mentions that the palace apparently once had a staff bar, but they had to shut it down because everyone kept getting too blasted. I am very glad I read that fact before we finished this new book. We might need to use that for something.)

Did you hear? Someone stole a solid gold toilet from Blenheim Palace. It seems like that would be heavy to haul out.  [Reuters]

And in social media developments:

Oh hey! It’s Edward:

She looks doubtful:

Less doubtful:

I love it when a Jessica wins something:

Aw, look! There’s a new picture of Archie snuck into here:


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