Guess what, you guys? Sunday is the Emmys! We will obviously have full coverage here on the site on Monday, so sure you pop by and check it out!

I got to be on the Zoom podcast, talking about Downton Abbey and royals on film, with Julian Fellowes! Wait, that sounds misleading. Julian Fellowes and I were both on this podcast independently.  We were not talking to each other. I’ve never spoken to Julian Fellowes. Which is, I’m sure, how he likes it.

Speaking of, we have an open post if you want to discuss the movie. (Spoilers, obviously.)

Don’t miss our look back at the 2009 Emmy awards red carpet. There were choices made.

At Lainey, this is an interesting look at pay inequality in Hollywood.

At Town & Country: Why Donna Tartt’s The Secret History Never Became a Movie. I needed to know this!

Relevant to our interests, at Grazia: We Asked Madame Tussauds Everything You’ve Ever Wondered About Celebrity Waxworks

At Time, this is very sobering: How Many Personal Stories Must Women Share to Convince Others of Their Humanity?

At the New York Times Magazine: Jacqueline Woodson Transformed Children’s Literature. Now She’s Writing for Herself.

This photo shoot at Harper’s Bazaar of Kris Jenner and Yolanda Hadid in costume as Alexis and Krystal in Dynasty is pretty amazing.

That seems right up our collective street, at The Strategist: 35 Striped Tees for Every Kind of Person

At Celebitchy: ‘A Devil Wears Prada’ musical is coming with a score by Elton John. Intriguing!

At Vogue, this seems like an incredibly bad idea.

Over at the Mary Sue: A Global Climate Strike Led By Greta Thunberg Is the Kind of Action We Need

This piece at Bon Appétit cracked me up: I’d Love a Blankie With My Meal, Thanks. There is a rooftop bar near me that has blankies, and they’re a very smart addition. I just try not to think about how often they wash them.

At Pajiba: Jennifer Lopez Never Went Away But She Still Deserves Her Renaissance

Related, let’s end the week with THIS MAJESTIC MOMENT: