It’s interesting to me that the tag line on these sort of feels like one you’d see on a movie about a hotel. It also implies that the film is more about the folks downstairs than the ones upstairs, which…listen, if Daisy hasn’t hared off to get a new job by this point, I shall be irked!

The nice people at Focus Features also reminded me that the so-called “teaser trailer” is also up for the film. I think we’ve shared it before — in Fugs & Pieces, if nothing else — but there is not reason not to see it again:

It’s sort of the movie version of the “Next On”s we used to get forĀ Mad Men; extremely beautiful (that crane shot — or, honestly, it’s probably a drone — up the side of the building is gorgeous), but not at all illustrative of anything that might happen. Well, I guess we know that people will wave flags and there will be a parade. Regardless: Exciting!