Demi Moore felt like THE most random choice to present the very last award of the night — a space usually reserved for a heavy-hitter. Like, that’s the George Clooney spot, basically.

She wore a thirteen-year old see-through Zac Posen from her own closet — this per Posen’s Instagram; he said it’s from his second-ever collection — and it just goes to show that people were just as enamored of showing off their boring slips back in 2003 as they are now. Apparently Posen found out just from watching the show, too, which means Demi got the job presenting Best Ensemble and didn’t even call in any favors. She just reached into her closet and went, “This will work, right? Sure.” That’s refreshingly regular. But we, of course, have decided she was a late fill-in for a slot someone forgot to book. Or, say, Clooney came down with a norovirus and at 6:30 p.m. somebody was like, “God dammit, nobody will do it. Demi lives down the street. Tell her to call Uber RIGHT NOW. We’ll partially reimburse.”

[Photo: Getty]