You guys. This episode. It was so good. So satisfying. SO full of people having fights we’ve wanted them to have for ages, and other people going fully Get-A-Grip in a most gratifying way. People had actual, legitimate psychological breakthroughs. Plots moved forward. I spent the last twenty-five minutes crying, solidly, for a whole variety of reasons. At other points, I was enraged (Mary, I could simply throttle you). I think I burst a vessel screeching, “EDITH YOU HAVE TO TELL HIM,” and at one particular moment, I shout-screamed “HA” and clapped with honest, surprised glee. Downton has had its issues, but, oh, I am going to miss it terribly, and never more than right now, when it seems like the captain is well and truly steering the ship again. This episode was great. To the chapel, my friends!

Housekeeping notes: This is the penultimate episode, so we’re got only one left to go! Please continue to not spoil us on the final final ending, dear readers who’ve already seen the series finale. Said aforementioned finale is 90 minutes, and it will air in the US on PBS on Sunday, March 6th — there’s a week being skipped so as not to compete with the Oscars. Whatever shall we do when it’s over?