Fug File: BRIT Awards

BRIT Awards: Other Fugs and Fabs

Is Lily Allen coming out with her own range of My Little Pony toys soon? Because that really feels like a governing force in her style choices lately.

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BRIT Awards Fug Carpet: Rita Ora

Now that I’ve seen Rita interviewed a couple times — she seems like a lot of fun, but in a sprightly way, not an “and then I woke up wearing a throw-pillow on my head and my mouth tasted like dead bugs and why is there ONE legwarmer on my arm and WHERE is half of my hair” way — I get even more bummed out when she tosses on a garment that doesn’t do herself justice.

This is obviously very bright and it’s got green sparkles glued to it and there’s a slight plunge, but none of it adds up properly. The math isn’t sound. It’s like someone took all the elements of a dress and threw them on her carelessly and that’s why we have something that maybe doesn’t fit that well and hangs poorly and looks like a full-body apron at a Vegas club called Casserole.

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BRIT Awards Fug Carpet: Ellie Goulding

Well, thank goodness it’s not sheer, AT LAST. Was there an intervention?

But this dress is not happening on her. The bodice, as with a lot of Westwood gowns, is nice and well-formed and hugging her shape really nicely. I hate that it extends into a pseudo-peplum with pockets, and it’s a little weird that the back part is solid pink like the top. However, the overall note for me is that, whatever this dress is doing and however I feel about it, Ellie Goulding isn’t really a Glinda the Good Witch type. She looks less like a girl enjoying a princess moment, and more like she thought this was a party whose theme was The Oz Prom and is now kind of underwhelmed that the jackwagon who told her that is not here to answer for that prank. And not for nothing, between this and the Elle Style Awards, I am concerned that she has stopped tending properly to her hair. TEND IT. TEND IT LIKE A LUSH GARDEN.

At the afterparty she went in a different direction:

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BRIT Awards Fug Carpet: Jessie J

We’ve seen Jessie J in catsuits. We saw it for years. We winced and we cringed and we said, “Why is she doing that to her kick-ass body?” And then she stopped wearing them as much, and that felt right, because really, what could she possibly feel she had left to prove? And yet:

When Jessica and I were in England, we spent a day in Oxford, and noticed the local theater was in the waning days of a three-week Cats revival. We both saw it as kids and loved it, because that was before we cared about anything and we just thought, “Wow, Jellicles CAN! And Jellicles DO!!!” And so we joked about going to see it and then coming home and telling everyone that we’d spent our precious hours and pounds seeing Cats, and actually now I kind of regret not doing that because it would have been worth it. And Jessie J may be feeling nostalgic, too, because this is full-on Grizabella the Glamour Cat in her prime, before she put on a heavy coat and moped and sang about the time she knew what happiness was. If this isn’t ripped from a private Andrew Lloyd Webber diary under the heading Grizabella: Let The Memory Live Again, then I don’t know what is.

And no, you’re not hallucinating; her lipstick is FREEZING DEATH:

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BRIT Awards: Performance Fugs and Fabs

This see-through, black, slinky Beyonce dress from the Super Bowl wasn’t in our subscription, so I’ve basically been waiting for an excuse to talk about it: She wore it fresh off the similarly nude white lacy Michael Costello from the Grammys, and I was afraid it was the dawning of a really tiresome phase. This dress encourages me that perhaps it’s NOT all about windows for her this season.

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BRIT Awards Fug or Fab: Gemma Arterton

Y’all know how much we love a sequin, and the idea of a sparkly Mr. Rogers cardigan is weirdly (or not?) appealing.

Something about all of this TOGETHER, though, looks like she’s playing Moneypenny in a Bond-themed Vegas revue. Then again, I would totally go see that, so what the hell do I know?

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