We were just talking the other day about the new Gucci ad campaign, which has celebs bringing their product-placed handbags onto the set of James Corden’s show, something that they would not normally do. And it looked awkward on every single one of them except for Harry; when he did it, his hand draped just-so as he sat next to the purse, it felt like he’d just dropped by on his way out to dinner and plopped down for a quick chat. Showing up with his handbag on the red carpet here just reinforces that. He is very good at making the Gucci aesthetic of Extra feel organic, and it’s good for Gucci to have someone other than Jared freaking Leto wandering around being its walking billboard. Everything here — the pattern, the color, the cut — dovetails with Harry’s consistent, vaguely ’70s bro vibe. The one thing I am curious about is whether we think the shoes feel right, or as if he’s given up. Or had a nagging blister that forced his hand. To me, they play like his team forgot to pick out footwear, even though you can tell from this pic that they’re Gucci too:

The BRIT Awards 2021 - Show

Of course, they can be Gucci AND be a punt; I’m sure he’s owned several pairs of Gucci sneakers in his lifetime and these may not have been sent over with the outfit. I’d have liked to see shoes that complete this properly — brown Chelsea boots, even. I don’t know. It’s just surprising. Team Styles seems more meticulous than this. But full marks to them for picking a suit that does not get lost against that riotously bright and blocky background. It’s as if they got a picture and picked the pattern that offset the backdrop perfectly. THAT is some precise science.

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