I caught wind of a couple shots on Instagram of celebs sitting next to James Corden with Gucci purses perched awkwardly on their person, and I was like, “That’s ridiculous, nobody brings purses to an on-set interview; how much were they paid to do THAT?” As it turns out, probably a decent amount, as they’re fake talk show snippers from a new ad campaign:

I can’t entirely tell if it WORKS, precisely because it’s so discordant — the second anyone wanders out with a giant purse and then plonks it on their lap, or on their chair, it is hard NOT to think, “AS IF.” I mean, it’s weird, right? But I guess I noticed it, and noticing it is half the marketing battle. Maybe. Each one has some still photos and a video; this one is Awkwafina’s. I gather Harmony Korine made these, and the music he used as talk-show-interstitial stuff certainly hits the mark — maybe they used Corden’s actual Late Show musicians. Awkwafina looks great in this dress, at least.

This Diane Keaton one is also odd because they put the purse RIGHT on the desk, which you can also see here in the still, and then try to keep it lurking in the frame.

And the version of the pretend dance of “this is all totally off-the-cuff and not at all something we planned” is so spot-on that it makes you realize how scripted most of these talk-show appearances are in reality. (I don’t think it makes a very strong argument for Diane Keaton’s lounge-singing career, though.)

They did a really good job styling these, though, at least — everyone looks exactly as I imagine they would if they had their choice of things to wear. I believe Diane in that suit and beret, even if maybe white and black would have been her natural first pick. And Harry Styles totally would wear this:

He actually does the best job pulling off the purse, too — he’s very nonchalant about it, and also, he’s quirky enough in real life that maybe he WOULD just wear a purse to an interview. It’s feasible. The video moment that goes with the Harry Styles one is pretty funny — at first it plays like the MOST obnoxious interview, where the talk show host and guest giggle about an inside joke and flog their camaraderie and tight personal friendship in a way that feels so artificial and smug, and then it does a great 180 on that.

Dakota Johnson looks less than delighted:

But her head looks fantastic. I actually like her whole outfit, from what I can see of it. The purse is TERRIBLE with it, and maybe that’s the source of the doubtful tinge in her eyes. She’s thinking, “Nobody would carry this bag with this outfit.”

Serena’s is at least more believable:

Serena’s video is sort of funny, but also all about James Corden? It’s James Corden making fun of himself, granted, but I admit it’s hard to laugh at him lampooning his reputation for being an egomaniac when by all accounts that reputation is supposedly correct and also not even the half of it.

Gucci also threw some kind of party for its various digital advertising exploits, at which Dakota got a considerably nakeder ensemble:

Again, her head looks AMAZING. That lipstick color is beautiful and I need to investigate it with a quickness. I assume it’s by Gucci or one of its sibling brands and costs like $60. It matches the jacket very well, and I’m glad the jacket is there, because the underlying sundress is absurd. It’s the prettiest shower curtain liner I have ever seen. That’s the kind of sheer shit that gets to me, because how cute could that be if it just weren’t so underpants-forward?

Steven Yeun looks very handsome and also as if he would really love to take off the handbag because it’s chafing his neck, but his mom gave it to him and he promised he’d give it a try. Welcome to the fraught world of crossbody bags, Steven.

I was going to say that this all seems on-point for Lil Nas X, but then I realized there are nowhere NEAR enough sequins or sparkles present. Or maybe neon? Anyway.

This all looks really fab on Sienna. She also got the talk-show treatment, by the way, and her still photos look like she just unwrapped the purse and is pretending to be so excited and happy but is secretly thinking, “I just wanted a black one. Will Harry trade?”