Dakota Johnson

Gucci + LACMA: Patterns and Lunacy Ahoy

Nov 6, 2017 by Heather at 8:00 AM

Let’s Look at Dakota Johnson’s Outfit But Also Speculate About Her Private Life

Oct 19, 2017 by Jessica at 12:00 PM
She's allegedly dating Jon Hamm. OR IS SHE? Read More »

Dakota Johnson’s Gucci Dress Has…Intriguing Boobs

Sep 26, 2017 by Jessica at 1:00 PM
They're...uh, really something. Read More »

Celebs Got, and Gave, an Eyeful at Gucci Cruise

May 31, 2017 by Heather at 10:00 AM

Oscars: Dakota Johnson, Why Did You Do This?

Feb 27, 2017 by Jessica at 9:00 AM
I accept this under one condition: That it's the costume Dakota is wearing in a film set in the 30s,… Read More »

Dakota Johnson Is Over It

Feb 22, 2017 by Jessica at 12:00 PM
I think she's phoning it in. Read More »

Dakota Johnson Would Make Great Wallpaper

Feb 10, 2017 by Jessica at 11:00 AM
Her dress would be great in your reading nook. Read More »
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