W magazine’s Great Performances covers came out a while ago (we got a second round of pics here), but the bash itself tends to be Oscar weekend — which usually is February, but now we have Late Oscars, so there’s a bigger disconnect in the calendar. Oddly, only eight of the approximately 300 actual featured performers attended, and none of the five Oscar nominees, but maybe that’s because they were at home in the sauna and getting spray tans and practicing their “I’m totally happy for the winner, this is cool, I am not crushed, I am not upset” faces. Or possibly because there are SO MANY PARTIES right now that everyone is overbooked. Several of these people wore the same outfit to both W’s bash AND to the Governors Awards AND to Vanity Fair’s Ghost of Futures Past Hollywood Night, or whatever.

Nicolas Ghesquiere of Louis Vuitton was one of the hosts, so we have a preponderance of attendees wearing that line, which W said on Instagram “suited the Studio 54-meets-young-Hollywood vibe.” I will say that he did not deliver the worst or weirdest of his collections, so that’s something, although we still have to talk about the shoes.

[Photos: Owen Kolasinski & Marc Patrick / BFA.com for W Magazine]