Jodie Turner-Smith and Dakota Johnson, and of course Maneskin, are still brand-loyal even through the changing of the Gucci guard. (SHOULD they be? We covered the clothes, and… yeesh.) Attendance was scattershot at everything else, even Prada. Speaking of which, we’ve got that runway show below, along with a couple other highlights as we wrap out Milan — including a very bright Philipp Plein show, a conversely dark Alberta Ferretti and Ferragamo, and a brightly patterned Etro offering.

The couple day dresses at the end there are lovely.

Ferragamo, as you might expect, has a real workwear Hugo Boss vibe to it:

Del Core is a line we’ve had pop up a few times lately, and it’s REALLY crisp this season, and well-edited:

Alberta Ferretti here was rich and red and occasionally, sadly, see-through:

Philipp Plein feels VERY VMAs to me:

Etro is all over the place, but at least it makes for an interesting browse:

And finally, we have Max Mara, reliable for coats and knitwear.

[Photos: Launchmetrics Spotlight SM, Carlo Scarpato/Shutterstock, Johnny Dalla Libera/Shutterstock, Luca Bruno/AP/Shutterstock, Simone Comi/, John Phillips/Getty Images, Arnold Jerocki/WireImage]