The first thing about this gown: This custom Gucci is a very pretty sparkly net, but Dakota already did a custom-made sparkly net at the Brazil premiere, in the form of a spider web (the link is in case you can’t see Instagram):


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That is comically on theme, but it’s also artistic. And it’s an approach I’m surprised to see her repeat, unless her entire inspiration for this tour is Sheer Nets. I guess we’ll find out. Unfortunately, however you feel about this dress, her undergarment appears to be bedeviling the whole thing by showing off her labia. Or maybe just suggesting it by cupping things in a very specific way, but…

Which dress concept do you prefer, and can you set aside the labia to make that choice? Are the labia an intrinsic part of it? I tend to think labia are a suboptimal fashion accessory, but it does seem like maybe it’s a flaw in her undercracker decisions.

[Photos: Frazer Harrison, Stewart Cook/Getty Images, Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images, FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images]