I must confess, I totally forgot about this look, even though I wrote its original post AND I really liked it at the time and I STILL like it. I guess one human brain can only hold so much, and mine decided “Lily Collins’s dress for the London premiere of Tolkien” wasn’t technically required for my life going forward. (I also forgot the movie even happened.) That’s fair — although, in all honesty, how do you know what you’ll need? I was grateful over the last 14 months that I paid attention to that episode of ER where Dr Peter Benton taught Noah Wylie how to scrub in for surgery. Anyway, I’m pleased to be re-introduced to it:

'Tolkien' film premiere, London, UK - 29 Apr 2019

It’s unusual, it’s interesting, and I guess she could wear it again given that I didn’t remember it. Win-win!

[Photo: Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock]