People’s Choice Awards Mostly Well Played: Lea Michele


What is going on with me lately? This seems like something I would be crabby about, right? It’s costumey, it’s a drizzle of tassles that have been cruelly denied their future of hanging from some graduate’s rearview mirror for five years too long, there is a crotch smile — overall, the kind of thing that’s so Marchesa, they could probably produce it while napping. And yet somehow I find myself liking it. It’s intricate in a way Marchesa actually did very well before Georgina started wrapping Leighton Meester in pornographic tulle and stuffing Boobs Legsly into sparkles and toilet paper. It’s sexy, with the tease of flesh underneath (it’s actually a liner, or most of it is, I think) but no risk of exposure. And it works on Lea — she shines in it.

The purple lipstick, well, not so much. Actually, let’s dive in and discuss it all, because why stop at 100 words when you can use a thousand?

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  1. yeahandalso

    I like it, but I feel very strongly that somebody else worse it a few months ago…or something very, very similar

  2. melanie

    Dress is gorgeous. But that is totally the wrong shade of lipstick for her.
    Also, she’s actually kind of pretty when she’s not trying too hard. I’ve never noticed before because I’m usually too busy being annoyed by her.

    • Softwear

      A. MEN. SISTER. I could not click on this gallery. The thumbnails of her irritatingness were enough. But the dress is gorgeous.

    • kathotdog

      That lipstick is very Wet n’ Wild.

  3. Willow

    I love the dress even though it does look a bit like an Avant Garde mummy costume, but her makeup always terrifies me.

  4. Kit

    I like it very much, actually – and she’s got such a nice little tush that the dress really flatters (or perhaps the dress gives her the nice little tush – either way.)

    As for the dating rumours…well in that picture, they’re giving off exactly the same vibe that my brother and I do in innumerable pictures, so for oh so many reasons ::shudder::, in so many ways; I hope they’re not.

  5. Lynne

    I’m trying to like this — I appreciate that it’s sort of different? But Marchesa = hideous. It’s just so fussy with no actual payoff. (Aside: I assume everyone saw the truly awful Marchesa disaster that poor Demi Lovato was wearing. I’m pretty sure i saw a Mandrell sister wearing it in 1985.)

    Also, I disagree that she’s not trying too hard. Everything is posed here, including the shot with the award. Ever since Sarah Hyland called her out for ridiculous posing, it’s all I can see.

    • Heather

      Oh, she’s TRYING, she’s just not trying in her usual across-the-board way.

    • Karen

      I’m not sure I automatically discount anything Marchesa, but I have to say I am NOT feeling this dress. Especially the back, with its icky illusion netting and the bum-drape that makes her butt look a mile wide.

      I’d like the front more if they draping had stuck with one direction. But all that every which way in the middle is giving me a pain.

      I actually saw a clip of her getting out of her seat for her award on the morning news and thought I was going to love the dress–from the ribcage up in front it’s simply lovely. But Marchesa just never knows when to stop.

  6. Kit

    oh and also, it probably goes without saying (but I’ll say it just in case) the lipstick is all wrong. Not only is totally the wrong colour, the thick greasyness of it reminds of Janice (of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem)

    Actually – now that I’m looking at the pic – overall, she reminds of Janice. :)

    • Heather

      I agree — on one of the slides I concurred with that. It’s HORRIBLE.

  7. Annie E

    Dislike the illusion netting holding it all together.

  8. gladly

    Okay, the dress is pretty, and it looks good on her, and I can admit that the illusion netting is actually maintaining an illusion. So, all’s well there.

    Body language though! I don’t watch Glee, but when you compare her stiff little pose with her co-star to her cuddling with Ashton Kutcher from earlier? I fear for this one. She seems to love trouble.

  9. Bexmarie

    I like the lips and the dress! Well played all the way!

  10. Sandra

    I would like this better with a white liner. Why does everybody want to go around looking naked? Clothes are nice.

    • Eliza Bennett

      I know, right? I can see flesh, or I think I can see flesh, and it squicks me out. I just want a nice cool tub of brain Clorox.

      • NYCGirl

        Agreed. I can see a tattoo, and I’m not talking about the ones on her feet.

  11. Dazie

    I think it is ok- I like the shape and the vibe, but I think the criss cross fringe could have been better served with fabric. Maybe.

    I don’t know. I already used all my capsy over at Cake Wrecks, so I’m a little drained right now.

  12. bambi_beth

    Illusion netting. Ugh. If this could be manufactured with boning and lining with the hem all the same length… I think I would like it.

  13. Wade

    Well, it’s really just a body stocking with all-over fringe, but I’m joining the chorus about the lipstick- it ain’t right. Something about looking like a victorian lampshade requires deep reddishness.

  14. Popcouver

    Mmm Cory Monteith. My friend met him at the bar she works at in Vancouver and he was absolutely adorable. He even still uses his BC Driver’s License!

    The fringey dress is very 20′s flapper but I kind of love it?

    • Angela

      Eeee, I love hearing about people’s encounters with the famous!

      (I kind of love the dress too, for the record.)

  15. Orange clouds

    Horrible, horrible shade of lipstick that is overshadowing everything else! Am also not a fan of the dress, it very much reminds me of intricate curtains.

  16. Chasmosaur

    I’m not defending the choice of lipstick – because she spends her life in front of the camera and should know to test these things.

    I once had a great dark-berry colored lipstick that looked great in person – women would ask where I got it because it was a really nice color. Then I wore it at a dressy occasion where I had my picture taken, and in the photos my lips looked like I was wearing black lipstick. Flash photography can really change up a lip color.

    As for the dress – I think it’s just Marchesa’s take on Versace’s fringe dresses from last year – a red version most memorably if too tightly worn by January Jones at last year’s Globes. And looking over the collection, we’re lucky LM picked something so demure.

    Marchesa Spring 2012 (#’s 1, 5, 20, 31) –
    Versace Spring 2011 (#’s 42, 44, 45 & 46) –

  17. Carol

    Not crazy about the dress … I feel like if someone found a loose end and pulled it, she’d go spinning like a top … however, she’s young enough and shapely enough to have a fun night in a dress like this … but the lipstick, oh my … that lipstick!

  18. wtfnyc

    This dress looks to me like the Project Runway dress the insufferable Michael Costello made out of mop-heads on last week’s All-”Stars” episode. HATE.

    Also hate Lea’s posing. Just. Be. NORMAL. Is it really that hard? (If it is, just watch/copy Emma Stone.)

    • Starling

      I was thinking the same thing about the mopheads! And one of the show’s judges is none other than Georgina Chapman of Marchesa (which I may or may not have originally written as mopheads…).

      Also cosigning your wish that Lea would just be normal. Argh. She’s so frustrating.

      • sparkplug

        Ha ha! That’s the first thing I thought of. Mmmmmm inspiration or plagarism?

        I think the mop dress might have been more comfortable to sit in and definately easier to wash :)

  19. aa

    knock off sandra bullock oscar outfit

  20. kersten

    This. Is. Heinous. She is wearing a body stocking covered with string!

  21. theotherjennifer

    I actually like the dress…looks kind of Broadway actressy, which, she used to be. Hate the lips – reminds me of that iridescent crap for hair and nails we (well, I) wore in about 1982. Yuck. He’s adorable.

  22. Béa

    This dress is so ugly. It looks like a mix between a weird, tacky ballroom dancing dress and Ikea string curtains. At least Jennifer Morrison’s version of the curtain dress is pretty from the waist up. And what a horrible shade of lipstick on her. Ugh.

  23. mary

    It reminds me of all the bridal gowns when I was getting married in the early 90s. NO NO NO NO NO! And the lipstick…ugh!

  24. Ines

    no. no. no. and NO!

  25. Katie


    Other than that and the lipstick, though, I actually like it.

  26. Celia

    Her lipstick came out more pepto-bismol pink on my screen, and honestly, I think purple would’ve been better. Maybe I can hope it was actually a good color in person?

  27. vandalfan

    Marchessa still has not made a dress I can like. Why so much MUCHNESS?

  28. Cat

    The atrocious lipstick color is killing me, but the dress is really pretty.

  29. KarKar

    Looks like they’re banging boots to me. (And, please pass the brain Clorox.)

  30. dee cee

    Floss or cat’s play.. you can’t go anywhere else with it..

  31. Claire L

    I love the bodice of the dress. I would love to see it with a simple skirt… I don’t know, full on tassel feels a little too couger-ish to me and she’s far too young to do cougar. The dress IS a piece of art, but just not quite right for a young woman her age. What I do know is that she should have done SOMETHING with her hair…especially considering the back of the dress is enough for me to want to study it and figure it out….Even a sleek pony would have given you a glimpse.

    Hate, hate, hate the lipstick.

  32. TonyG

    I like the dress (a lot!). The lip shade is shockingly bad though I understand the need for a bold lip here.

    Regarding body language:

    Lea: She is obviously very much into Corey.

    Corey: He doesn’t completely hate her (he’s turned in toward her a bit), but he’s cautious nonetheless (just in case her smile is but a farce and she is actually in a bad mood).

  33. JanetP

    I like the front of the dress but don’t like the back, with that peak that makes me think it’s somehow attached to her spine EWWWWWW

    And I saw a commercial on TV the other night for the new pink shade of lipstick and I swear the first model was wearing this shade. And my reaction was exactly the same as here: “Omigod, no.”

  34. CJ

    Okay, a little coincidence: Last night at 11:30, for some unknown reason, I got that 80′s song “Destination Unknown” in my head (which I love!) and I was wracking my brain trying to remember the name of the lead singer. Praise Google, I found Dale Bozzio. Remember Dale Bozzio???!! I started looking through Dale Bozzio images and actually stopped at one where she was wearing this exact lip color. And she totally ROCKED it (but then, she could rock metal half-moons for bra cups and a box instead of underwear) and I thought to myself (last night at 11:45) who else on earth could pull off this lipstick?

    And here I am looking at Lea Michelle wearing it. And failing. Sorry, Lea. Like the dress, but that lipstick is fugly.

  35. filmcricket

    I quite like the dress – I think it’s too long on her, but that’s better than the gyno skirts she usually wears, so I’ll take it. And I personally think her posing is hilarious, I get a huge kick out of it. Not since Catherine Zeta-Jones first burst on the scene has there been a starlet who was SO HAPPY to be famous.

    All these rumours about her and Monteith: do we know for a fact that she broke up with her boyfriend in NYC? He’s supposedly quite the player, despite his goofy charm, so for both their sakes (and those of their cast) I hope they’re not dating. In other news, why can’t Cory find a suit that fits him properly? I know he’s a tall dude, but c’mon man, Conan O’Brien dresses well. Ask him to hook you up with his personal Tailor to the Ents.

    • Serena

      Yeah, she broke up with Theo. It was confirmed. I’m kinda sad about it, because she was always very sweet when talking about him.

  36. jenny

    The cut of the top is not flattering to her particular body – it’s causing the ol’ football player shoulder look. But it took me a loooong time to shop for my body instead of just falling in love with a dress that doesn’t suit me and saying “the heck with it!”…and she’s young yet, so there’s time.

  37. Kathleen F.

    noooo backy hose!

  38. Miranda

    Yeah, the lipstick is so terrible. I get what she was trying to do, because I have been having fun with Unexpected Lip Color lately, but this is the wrong one. She needed something orange-er, or pinker, and yes, much less oilywaxygross. She (and everyone) should consult with Grace Woodward, who always has the most wonderful, punchy lipsticks as a judge on Britain’s Next Top Model. (Yes, I watch it. I also watch Australia’s, Canada’s, and New Zealand’s, but not really America’s. I don’t know what to tell you.)

  39. Kay

    Remember way back when Rose McGowan was demonstrating some serious daddy issues and shacked up with Marilyn Manson and then wore that bum revealing red string dress to some awards thing? Every time I look at this dress I remember that one…. I therefore cannot look at this one objectively. My mind has been compromised.

  40. RenaissanceGrrl

    Ohh, Monchele is ON.

  41. Sajorina

    FUG! This doesn’t work for me at all! I like the shoes, but they can’t save the outfit! By the way, did she had headshots taken while wearing this ensemble and is Pic #3 the result?

  42. Clare

    It must really suck at times to be such a tall poppy (genuinely talented and attractive) that every public appearance is so scrutinised. She’s cute, they’re cute together- what of it. And she can’t really be blamed for the lipstick, it’s a big trend, probably wasn’t her choice and Marie Claire will be all over it.

  43. rachel

    I actually LOVE the dress and I’m not a Marchesa fan at all . But it’s lovely and she’s pulling it off. The lipstick makes me sad but I’ll hope it was better in person.

  44. Lauren

    Er, hello, that lipstick is amazing! Pastel and sorbet shades are WELL in, girl done good

  45. Lily1214

    She actually looks pretty good but the lipstick??