What is going on with me lately? This seems like something I would be crabby about, right? It’s costumey, it’s a drizzle of tassles that have been cruelly denied their future of hanging from some graduate’s rearview mirror for five years too long, there is a crotch smile — overall, the kind of thing that’s so Marchesa, they could probably produce it while napping. And yet somehow I find myself liking it. It’s intricate in a way Marchesa actually did very well before Georgina started wrapping Leighton Meester in pornographic tulle and stuffing Boobs Legsly into sparkles and toilet paper. It’s sexy, with the tease of flesh underneath (it’s actually a liner, or most of it is, I think) but no risk of exposure. And it works on Lea — she shines in it.

The purple lipstick, well, not so much. Actually, let’s dive in and discuss it all, because why stop at 100 words when you can use a thousand?

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