Your Afternoon Men: Tom Mison, John Noble, a Headless Horseman

You probably need to see an out-of-costume Ichabod Crane leaning nonchalantly against a car, John Noble juggling pumpkins, and a horseman, right? Thought so.

[Photos: AKM/GSI]


Well Played, Carrie Underwood in Temperley London


Uh oh, Blake and Kate.

Carrie Underwood

Someone wants in on the Posh Pregnancy Stakes. She’s fighting Blake on the hair front, nosing in on one of Duchess Catherine’s favorite designers, and bringing out enviable shoes to wrap up her first entry. Fraulein Maria came to play, y’all. Strap in and enjoy the battle.

[Photo: AKM-GSI]


Fug or Fab: Jess Weixler in Miu Miu


Part of me loves this, in that way you love a weird old tunic you found in your grandmother’s stuff that has just about found its way back in fashion.

Jess Weixler

And then part of me is worried her Pieces of Flair have caught a disease.

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Well Played, Vanessa Hudgens in Naeem Khan


Ladies and gentleman, can I remind you that this woman beat Lindsay Lohan in the closest Fug Madness race EVER in 2012? IT HAPPENED (and it was thrilling; we may never see its equal). And now look at her. She looks fantastic. She looks like a wholly other person. Naeem Kham, you are magical.

[Photos: AKM/GSI]


Happy Fugday, Kim Kardashian

I’ve told this story on GFY before, but: Every time I see Kim at Tao in Las Vegas, I think back to the time in 2007 — a shocking seven years ago now — when my dad and I were staying in the Venetian, and we wandered past Tao just as Kim was being photographed at a step-and-repeat outside. He asked me who it was, and I explained that she was some rando fool who was best-known for hanging out with Paris Hilton. Dad glanced at her, his brows arched in deepest skepticism, and then said with extreme Britishness, “I am not impressed.”

So, in honor of Kim’s birthday appearance at Tao this weekend, I decided to look for that old photo. And juxtapose it with the current one. Some things change (her face), some things remain the same (her taste).

[Photos: Splash, Fame/Flynet]


What The Fug: Heather Graham at the “Horns” Premiere

Nothing about the top works – but the top, as you’ll see, isn’t the point. Spoiler: Get ready to pour a heaping bowl of groin-ola.

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