High Fugshion: Ralph & Russo Couture 2014

It’ll be hard for me to love anything as much as I did last season’s, but… I’m open, y’know?

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Fugs and Fabs: The Masters of Sex TCA Party


First of all, this show is really so good. Every time I even just see Allison Janney, I want to cry. On the show, I mean. Not, like, if I see a picture of her at the Emmys, or whatever. Then I just want to get a drink with her. I feel that I must tell you, at this point, that Allison Janney, despite being amazing on Masters of Sexis not actually at this event. I’m sorry I got your hopes up. That being said, everyone is good on this show, so just assume that I am saying that about basically everyone in this slideshow. (I am concerned that Sarah Silverman is joining the cast. VERY CONCERNED.)

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Come and Fug It: Selena Gomez

I was just talking to someone the other day about how Selena Gomez is ALLEGEDLY back together with The Biebs, and how the fact that Taylor Swift ALLEGEDLY friend-broke-up with Selena over her continued back and forth with Our Prince of the Diaper Drawers is points in Taylor’s favor, because an on-again off-again relationship with Mr. Bieber would be well-nigh unbearable for the people on the outside and that fact that she ALLEGEDLY went all, “this is exhausting” about it makes me like her. But boy troubles aside, I would also want to Get A Grip Friend Selena over this OUTFIT:

Dude. You can be sexy, you can wear a caftan, but you, Selena Gomez, cannot pull off The Sexy Caftan. Step aside.

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Mostly Well Played Again, Emma Stone (with bonus Firth)


This slideshow brings us many things I like: Emma Stone, cute dresses, sunglasses, Colin Firth, and A POSSIBLE RETURN OF THE LETTERMAN DUMPSTER?!?!!!

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ESPYs Fugs and Fabs: The Ladies

I didn’t realize I had chosen such an unflattering photo of Jessica Alba until I had already downloaded it, which… oh well. Suffice to say that she did NOT look like she was buckling under extreme bladder pressure except in this exact second, and in fact played this ensemble well.

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ESPYs Fugs and Fabs: The Dudes

I have decided not to include Drake in this slideshow because the telecast ITSELF spent what felt like 45 percent of its airtime on his comedy bits, and all of them were 75 percent too long, and that math equals NO SOUP FOR YOU, Drake. Instead, let’s all discuss why Jesse Williams dresses his delicious hotness in catastrophic hellpants.

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