Oscar Party Fug Carpet/Better Played Carpet: Serena Williams

Serena Williams never goes to the Oscar telecast, after which a lot of attendees change into a new outfit for the parties. So she just tends to wear something different to each shindig, presumably as a way of getting in all the clothes-hopping fun with none of the cringe-worthy banter or rear numbness. First up is this coral number:

Serena Williams

There is really nothing to this dress. It is practically begging everyone NOT to have an opinion of it. Only problem is, it’s so baggy that I have to conclude it’s at least one size too big. And therefore, the dress’s attempts to duck under the radar have failed, because I do have an opinion, and that opinion is: boo.

Fortunately, things were better at Elton John’s bash.

Serena Williams

This is a hundred times better. I actually quite like it on its own merits. The coral sack up there just flat-out put my brain to sleep; at least this one, even if the main course is a dish of complaints about wanting to yank it up a few notches, there are some tasty side dishes I can focus on when I’m sick of the central protein. Also, can you tell I’m happy that Top Chef is on tonight? Yeah.

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  1. Darlene

    Did you see the Serena just had an embolism?



  2. Lina

    Wow, she is looking really good. Happy and omg!strong. Seriously, she looks like a superhero with those muscles. *admires*

    I think the coral gown only fits her in the hips, which is a shame. The black one is lovely–and really, that’s how you do fringe and ruffles! Not too much, not too little–but I do wish it had spaghetti straps to help hold the bodice in the right place. OTOH, with how developed her shoulder muscles are, even that would require tailoring.

  3. Gigi

    The second dress is a better boob wrangler. Good choice, Serena!

  4. Geemee

    She looks like she’s keeping the black dress up by pressing her arms very tightly to her body. Hope she feels better soon!

  5. Willow

    When I saw the first picture I hadn’t see the title, and I thought I was supposed to be looking at Jennifer Hudson but there was something different. It took me 10 seconds to realise.

  6. Alix

    I don’t get the Williams sisters. Loads of interest in fashion, barely an ounce of taste between them. The coral gown is tragique.

    Hope Serena is recovering nicely, though. How does any 29-year-old, much less one who’s an elite athlete, get a freakin’ pulmonary embolism? Yikes.

  7. flory

    Where do these people do all their clothes changing? Obviously, Anne Hathaway had a dressing room backstage. But where does Serena change between parties? The back of the limo? Or does the Roosevelt Hotel rent out changing rooms for the evening?

  8. Kate

    Eh, I don’t really like either of these…

    The first one just isn’t her, and it’s not that it’s too big – it needs to be altered a bit. It fits fine in the hips, and that’s usually my dilemma (if it fits in the hips, the top is too big), so guess what? I go see a tailor…

    She always has on WAY too much body makeup/shimmer stuff.

  9. crystal

    My only quibble with the second one is that it’s riding a little low on her chest, but maybe it’s the way she’s standing?

  10. crystal

    @flory, a lot of stars get ready for the show in the Roosevelt, so I imagine they head back there to change. I bet plenty of folks change in their limos, though, there can’t be enough rooms at the Roosevelt for all of them. :D

  11. vandalfan

    The coral one just needs a nip here, a tuck there, shave off a little on the side seams, and get her a better bra or more tape. I don’t care for the second one at all, but I am blown away at how well she accessorized everything. Look how the gold sets off #1! Look how the silver sets off #2!

  12. NYCGirl

    I really like the color of the first one. I’d like the second one better if it ended before the feathery stuff started.

  13. dee

    I’m also happ that Top Chef is on tonight! :)

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