I really admire Sandra Bullock. I  mean, I don’t know her, so it’s entirely possible that she’s a nutbag in person — although I sincerely doubt it — but I have to give props to her for showing up at the Oscars, KNOWING everyone would be thinking, “poor muffin. This time last year, her life was about to EXPLODE IN HER FACE,” and looking HOT:

Looking hot, AND appearing totally relaxed and charming and not at all like, “hey, remember my asshat ex-husband? I STILL WANT TO KICK HIM IN THE NUTS,” which probably would have been my mien at the event, which is one of the many many reasons that it’s good I rarely go out in public.

It’s hard to find a butt-bow that looks more like a bustle than a bridesmaid’s dress, but somehow she pulled it off. She IS a hero.