MTV EMAs Unfug or Fab: Taylor Swift


Poor Taylor Swift. I get that by writing songs about her bad boyfriends, she’s putting those relationships under the microscope, but now Us Weekly is dedicating entire covers to how she — at the ripe old age of 22 — apparently can’t find love. Obviously she should just give up on her shriveled old eggs right now and invest in a burial plot for one. Instead, she somehow mustered up the will to carry on, and attended MTV’s European Music Awards.

The trouble is, I can’t decide if this is slinky and cool, or an experiment that needed some revisions. The frosted side abs aren’t ideal, for instance. The extra white decoration on the neckline could go, because those cap sleeves are pretty and don’t need the competition. And I’m a little wigged out by how it all converges to make it look like we’re seeing straight through it to an ice storm raining from her pelvis. And yet I can’t bring myself to write it off, because somehow there’s still something striking and pretty there. What would you do, Fug Nation?

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  1. Art Eclectic

    Someone in my Facebook feed posted a joke that eventually one of Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends is going to write a hit song “Maybe the problem is YOU.”

    I think this dress suffers from the problem of too many interesting pieces that would be spectacular used more discretely but create a big ol’ mess when clumped together.

    • Lily

      Oh my goodness someone writing a song like that would be FANTASTIC. I vote for a duet with Joe Jonas and John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal could star in the video.

      The ‘US’ headline is silly but I do think Taylor has brought it on herself with her constant whining. I have no idea how she keeps getting boyfriends if it’s a known thing that if/when the relationship tanks for whatever reason, she’s going to write a bitchy song about it.

      Therefore, the irony of the fact that she seems to be wearing Ms Havisham’s wedding gown is just too hilarious.

      • anny

        AAAHH!! Yes! It’s Miss Havisham as imagined by Fritz Lang (Metropolis).

  2. slila22

    I think part of the problem is that her make up matches her dress. Her face and hair need not be that silvery.

  3. mel

    The pelvic design looks like a diagram that would bear the caption “insert here” (shudder).

  4. ok

    i think this dress would look 100% better on someone with a stronger body– Taylor is very willowy, doesn’t have the stature to carry this dress off.

    That said, she still looks nice. I like the big hair.

    • Zard

      I agree that this dress would be better on someone else. Imagine JLo in it. That would work. On Taylor it reads too much like a marginally new take on country-fussy.

  5. Lori

    Chop it off at the crotch and sell it to the highest-bidding ice dancer.

  6. luxsword

    I’d tell to close her mouth when posing. For a change.

  7. Stefanie

    I like the dress but I wish it didnt have the “V” thingys on the neckline. And her hair is still not doing it for me. It’s looking heavy and those bangs seem to be starting further and further back on her head.

  8. S

    I agree about the extra white thing on the neckline and the side panels being unnecessary, otherwise very pretty.

    The long bottom part of the skirt…it’s not sheer, right? I’m just paranoid because everything is sheer these days? Right? Please?

  9. Bella

    I like it, other than those white strips at the neckline. They send it right over the edge.

  10. pantsonfire

    I think I like this. I don’t really feel the need to make any changes. The neckline jazz and the sheer waist bits actually work for me, making it kind of interesting when it would otherwise be a pretty, but extremely safe dress.

    My main problem with Taylor Swift is that she consistently seems to do stuff with her hair, makeup, and facial expression that I find irksome. It seems like she’s consistently just trying too hard in that department.

    • pantsonfire

      P.S. I must say, however, that I think I really love her hair color here. Honestly, the Fanning sisters should really take note.

      • ok

        OMG, yes, to the hair color observation! The Fanning sisters really do themselves no favors with that urine-colored hair!

  11. witjunkie

    The cutouts need to be higher? The way it is, it seems to drag the whole thing down.

    Also, she needs to stick with the red lip. I get that she is going with strong eye, less lip, but without the signature red, her face sort of disappears.

  12. Holly

    She looks like she could be playing either one of the back up dancers from the “Beauty School Drop Out” scene in Grease, or Anne Welles from Valley of the Dolls.

  13. The Fugger

    The illusion netting, if replaced with silver pieces, would be fab. That’s the ONLY thing I’d change about this.

    And her bangs, because I feel like those things are assaulting me with how aggressive they are.

  14. Mary Urech Stallings

    What, can’t afford tailor, Swift?

  15. Helen

    I like the dress itself as is, and on her, but think it’s just too big. I want to hoik the whole thing UP and IN an inch or two.

    The heavy bangs have got to go. They overwhelm her delicate beauty to the point that it’s invisible. She’s just a face full of hair, here.

    • Helen

      Amending: The more I look at it, the more that vagina panel is bothering me. That is way too on-the-nose. I don’t need to see an opening sewn in over her opening.

      • Vandalfan

        Same here. The pretty dress seems kind of droopy, her bangs should be more wispy, and the diamond shaped vag panels should go.

        • Helen

          The diamond-shaped panels are okay with me, though I think everything’s sitting too low because the dress doesn’t fit.

          I meant that upside-down “U” directly over the mons pubis. As mel said, it looks as if it might bear the caption “insert here.” Like something out of a diagram explaining how to use tampons.

  16. A

    You just made me laugh. I thought of some lyrics from one of my favorite men on the planet…Rhet Miller(of the Old 97′s)
    “I recall, when I was twenty-three –
    Wondering how anyone could fall in love with me.
    But now I’m old, hell I’m well past twent-five –
    And I can’t seem to fall in love no matter how I try.
    Maybe in a couple of years, Taylor will have the opposite problem.

  17. chickadee

    I actually think this is great, it’s a departure from the fairy princess look and actually makes her look sexy, which she seems to try really hard to avoid usually.

  18. Bottle Ginger

    I love the dress, in theory. It’s a beautiful and almost entirely authentic 1930s design, and it just needs a little editing to make it perfect.

    Like, some real fabric over those trashy transparent panels. And the little “V” of fabric straps at the neck should be the same off-white or silver as the dress, not that glaring bright white (the “V” straps are very 1930s, BTW). And either a better bra, or better tailoring around the bust, because things are kind of droopy there. And a redder lipstick, because white can make blondes look so blah. Do that, and it goes from a near-miss to a hit!

    PS: The one non-period detail I would keep is the little cap slevelets. They give the dress a modern silouette, but they look so Art Deco that they work with the 30s retro look.

  19. Valerie

    Do those cutouts remind anyone else of “Silence of the Lambs”? Just me?

  20. Esme

    Without the dumb white strips at the neckline, I would like this on somebody else, but Swift just can’t carry it off.

  21. TonyG

    I love this unreservedly. It’s a beautiful dress. The cut-outs are tasteful, and I love how the shapes and zig-zags play with each other without being distracting.

  22. pidget

    This is washing her out – blah. White can be tricky for blondes, especially in the Fall/Winter. Who wants to look like they’re just about to catch the flu? Lips would have helped.

    There are lots of interesting ideas here, but her form is not curvy enough to really show it off. I understand the structural requirement for the bright white neckline pieces, but they look cheap in comparison to the rest. Imagine the stark white bits gone (and with liberal use of boob-tape) = sexy and better. I also hope her bangs are growing out.

  23. Kara K

    The dress would be fine – but not on her and especially not with that hair.

  24. Sajorina

    After zooming in on it, I decided that it’s sleek & cool & beautiful & perfect… And, I wish it was mine! I LOVE IT! Totally a FAB! Plus, her jewelry is great and her makeup is flawless! COVET!

  25. Robertinaz

    I really don’t think this is EMA material, whith the propper editing, it would make a perfect oscars gown!

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