Poor Taylor Swift. I get that by writing songs about her bad boyfriends, she’s putting those relationships under the microscope, but now Us Weekly is dedicating entire covers to how she — at the ripe old age of 22 — apparently can’t find love. Obviously she should just give up on her shriveled old eggs right now and invest in a burial plot for one. Instead, she somehow mustered up the will to carry on, and attended MTV’s European Music Awards.

The trouble is, I can’t decide if this is slinky and cool, or an experiment that needed some revisions. The frosted side abs aren’t ideal, for instance. The extra white decoration on the neckline could go, because those cap sleeves are pretty and don’t need the competition. And I’m a little wigged out by how it all converges to make it look like we’re seeing straight through it to an ice storm raining from her pelvis. And yet I can’t bring myself to write it off, because somehow there’s still something striking and pretty there. What would you do, Fug Nation?

What would you do, Fug Nation?

  • Edit it (51%, 4,017 Votes)
  • Leave the cap on my red pen, because it's perfect (39%, 3,060 Votes)
  • Tear it up, throw the pieces in someone's face angrily, and DEMAND a full rewrite (11%, 839 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,916

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