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This is new.

What could it be? The world’s largest fountain pen? A tiny humidor strapped to her chest? A finger trap? An ancient scroll with the key to world peace that can only be removed and unfurled by the Dragon Warrior? Does that mean she’s going to need Jack Black to help get her undressed?

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  1. mints

    I think she looks great, it’s a little weird but when if a little weird bad, the color is good and it fits!

  2. theotherjennifer

    that thing is whack – definitely looks cigar size (doobie sized?) but I wonder if it holds lip gloss – that’s what I’d use it for!

    the color is awesome.

  3. Sue

    Gorgeous color. Good fit overall but would prefer to the knee, and different shoes. The neck bit is distracting, but not necessarily bad.

    • Bottle Ginger

      Actually, my one quibble with that dress is that while the color is gorgeous, it doesn’t flatter her. It’s giving her complexion the opposite of a glow.

      However, I LOVE the dress! It’s interesting, it’s new, and it’s actually very flattering to a gal’s figure. Yes, the cigar thing is kind of odd, but what the hell – it’s something interesting where a necklace to go, so a girl who buys this dress not only looks shapely, she saves on jewelry!

  4. Reg

    I think its a Chinese thumb torture device. But the color is gorge!

  5. Kris

    And now I think there needs to be a “Kung Fu Fashionista” movie.

  6. Heather

    Is it, perhaps, a larger, horizontal version of Joan Holloway’s Pen?

  7.  Carolina Girl

    1. Did she have work done? Because if the caption hadn’t said it was Milla Jovovich, I’d have NEVER known it was her.

    2. I keep looking at whatever that is around her neck and thinking that it’s some sort of device where you twist it and the strings somehow hoist the dress up. Color is good, tho.

    • Trace

      Yeah, I didn’t recognise her either.

    • Jamie

      That’s what I thought, too – otherwise I have no idea how she’d get it on.

      Also, THIS WOMAN DOES. NOT. AGE. What the hell? She looks incredible.

    • Rita

      I have been wondering the same thing lately. She’s totally unrecognizable to me.

  8.  ErinB

    Given that this is the same woman who looked amazing in strategically-placed bandages in “The Fifth Element,” I’m not really all that surprised she looks gorgeous in a weird, thumb-torture-device-themed gown.

  9. margaret

    It is a tiny piccolo to toot on when she needs a taxi.

  10. Sandra

    A place to carry her yarn stash in case she’s stricken with an overwhelming need to crochet?

  11. Fifie

    I thought it was a spyglass.

  12. Miriam

    Seriously, what??? Do these ladies look in the mirror or just do as instructed?

  13. lynn

    I may be alone here but I like this and I like it … on her. She has the carriage to carry off many dresses that would complete envelope other women. I do wonder if the hem is supposed to be a bit asymmetical, but otherwise — I like this.

    • Ruth

      I also think she’s carrying it off. Even if is kind of weird, she is wearing the heck out of this dress and her body looks great.

    • ericajeanine

      I like it also. It is different without being too wacky or insane, beautiful color, and I think she looks great in it.

      • Art Eclectic

        I’m firmly in “like” as well. The color is amazing and it’s an interesting design.

  14. Leslie

    That is a harmonica. She needs to make sure facial muscles are still working after Botox injections.

  15. sara

    Perfect accessory for carrying around my kid’s epipen.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Ha, I have to carry one of those for myself, and it really limits purse options. I’m warming to the chest kaleidoscope now – it would totally solve that problem!

  16. Katy

    A mezuzah?

    •  Emma

      That was my thought. I’m convinced it contains verses from the Torah.

  17. Tiffany

    Giant Tootsie Roll holder for a snack later on?

  18. Sajorina

    I love the dress… The color is beautiful, it fits her nicely and it’s interesting to look at, especially with that kaleidoscope on her chest! And I like the purse & the shoes, but not with this dress! Her body is bangin!

    •  HelenBackAgain

      You beat me to “kaleidoscope” by two minutes! In case the event gets too boring, ya know… wearable toy, why not?

      I like everything about the dress except for that.

      Agree, purse and shoes cute, but with something else. This dress demands different ones. Maybe gold.

  19. Miranda

    Didn’t a lady at Cannes wear a dress with that same pen/kaleidoscope/Chinese finger torture but in a different place? I swear I saw it in a slideshow here. That designer must’ve been out of ideas.

    •  hillary l.

      90-something percent sure it’s Armani Prive. And most of the collection featured the scroll elements, for some reason, which is a pity because they’re cut beautifully.

  20. annabelle

    Whose face is she wearing?

  21. witjunkie

    These are hilarious – you guys should have saved this for a Freaky Fug Friday.

  22. maggie

    I think she looks strangely amazing in this bizarre and perfectly fitted dress. And I agree that the object is a kaleidoscope, if only because I own one that looks quite similar.

  23. Anita

    I vote kite spool.

  24. Who???

    You peeps know nothing. Obviously this is the new sonic screwdriver, and a very large hint: Milla is the 12th doctor!!!

  25. Jeanette

    Maybe it contains drops from the fountain of youth? (from which Milla has obviously been drawing)

    Or a rolled up treasure map to show where the real Milla is buried?

    Or it is a Maxwell Smart phone prototype – a neck phone instead of a shoe phone?

  26. Samara

    I think it actually might be a humidor, but I’m still on its team. I like it!

  27. wendy

    obviously a harmonica.

  28. Janice

    So torn. Such a pretty girl; such a pretty colour. But why does she have a saran wrap roller on her chest.

    To chime in: what happened to her face?!

  29.  karacocoa

    Different shoes. And I thought that was Rachel McAdams for a hot second.

  30. luvthefuggers

    it’s a handle! like on the old time shopping bags! just in case she falls down and can’t get up!

  31. kevin stillwell

    I’s just part of dress stupid. It doesn’t define the person . GET A JOB

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