Happy Flag Day, Americans!

– Kindle havers! If you haven’t read our YA novel Spoiled yet, it’s on sale for $4.99! (The paperback of Messy, its follow-up, comes out on July 2.)

– The Cut talks to the Bling Ring’s costumer designer about recreating celebrity closets. (The Cut)

Linda Holmes watched Deadly Spa, so we don’t have to. (Monkey See)

– Obviously, if you haven’t read the epic NYT interview with Kanye this week, you need to. It’s….very very quotable. (New York Times)

– Celebrate by getting a Hoodie Neck Pillow (I actually kind of want one of these). (Time)

– Grace Coddington is a delight, and she cooks with a LOT of fat. (Refinery29)

Vulture counts down the 1o Best Reality Show Freak-Outs. But whither Scary Island, Vulture? (I guess you could easily do a 10 Best Real Housewives freak-outs, though.) (Vulture)

– Apparently, Vanity Fair is doing a story on Gwyneth for their September issue, and she is freaking out about it, which only makes me want to read it MORE. (Lainey)

The first trailer for the Princess Diana movie is out — no dialogue. Celebitchy thinks it looks terrible, but it’s really too soon to say, as far as I’m concerned. Naomi Watts looks decent (in terms of resemblance), I think. We shall see. (Celebitchy)

– In honor of Father’s Day on Sunday — HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, Fug Dads! — Flavorwire put together a supercut of film’s worst fathers. (Flavorwire)

– Also in honor of Father’s Day, a writer quizzed his Dad on the names of various Game of Thrones characters right after watching the finale, with humorous results. That Dad and I think exactly the same. I have no idea what half the people on that show are named. All my post show convos are like, “When that kid from Skins and that dude who got taught to read by the little girl with the scales on her face had that discussion about that crazy red-haired lady who had the smoke baby, I was so touched!” (UpRoxx)