Met Ball Well Played: Jessica Paré


I never noticed before how much Jessica Paré resembles Liv Tyler.

In fact, I just mentally put her in That Thing You Do and it kinda worked. I did not mentally put her into The Incredible Hulk, because that seemed like a mean thing to do to an innocent bystander.

As La Paré goes, I also like the dress — kind of a groovy gold-lamé baseball, which works, since apparently in French (according to Google, so don’t get mad at me if it’s wrong) “paré” means “to adorn, garnish, decorate.” And she’s definitely done that. You know, it’s probably odd to be Jessica Paré right now. As a total unknown, she got the best job in Hollywood, working on a decorated show in which she is contractually required to make out with Jon Hamm and wear cute clothes with terrific makeup — not that I have ANY pity for her on THAT front — and therefore shoving her into an incredibly bright spotlight. She basically went from zero to “Zou Bisou Bisou” in almost no time at all (and that scene is going to be one of the largest footnotes of her life, whether she likes it or not). I know the Interwebs are pretty divisive on La Paré, and her now-famous teeth — which I only mention because they are brought up often on Mad Men, or have been, and that kicked open the door for audiences to rip her for them — but think she AND they are good. There’s a raw naturalness to her style that fits Megan Draper and makes me like her, and I love her for not changing her teeth (see: Dunst, Kirsten), and what’s more, I REALLY love her for not letting people tell her not to show them. I mean, I’m sure Ginnifer Goodwin has great teeth, but girlfriend will not smile on the red carpet, for whatever psychological reason. Whereas Paré is clearly like, “Screw all of you. I like my smile.” As well she should. Screw ‘em all, indeed.

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Comments (28):

  1. Eliza Bennett

    “kind of a groovy gold-lamé baseball” …baseball? I do not understand this. If y’all are daydrinking., I want in.
    I love this dress!

    • Eliza Bennett

      is the stitching kind of like a baseball? Sure. I’ll go with that.

      • Sandra

        Yup, that’s it. There are 108 raised double stitches on a regulation baseball. But she hasn’t got “Rawlings” stamped across it, so I think it works here.

  2. Chose

    You got your traduction right, kinda impressed at google!

  3. maryse

    she is so awesome on mad men. what the hell is wrong with her teeth? sheesh.

  4. megs283

    I think the dress is stunning, though it seems to widen her hips excessively.

    I LOVE Megan Draper. I was not a fan last season…she was an empty, pretty shell…but this season she has shown so much depth, and Jessica Pare plays the part so well. I’m so glad for her success!

  5. Liz

    I don’t get the thing about her teeth. They look fine to me. And she’s clearly stunning. Some people have weird hang-ups.

    • Allison

      I don’t get it either. They look FINE!

      She looks gorgeous in this dress.

    • Annie

      Also do not understand the teeth. Didn’t anyone ELSE read Chaucer? I mean, I know this crowd did, but what could be more “literally” (ha!) sexy than a gap-toothed woman?

  6. neiges

    A bit on the boring side for me thankyouverymuch.

  7. Jeanette

    At first I thought it was Cobie Smulders…

  8. Christian

    The color is lovely but I wish it had more of a waist. Her hips are not that wide. I have taken a liking to Ms. Pare as well, she is absolutely beautiful and great on Mad Men.

  9. Melly

    She looks great. The teeth add to her vulnerability, which is what makes her so good on Mad Men. The show has never before had anyone who just wants to give and receive love.

    • Carol

      You are so right, I hadn’t thought about it that way but she is who she appears to be. As Peggy said, she’s one of those girls.
      We’ve all known one in our lives!

  10. Leah M

    I don’t watch Mad Men (someday on Netflix) but I know Miss Pare from a quirky and hilarious little Canadian film called “Suck”. She plays a vampire and is wonderful in the film – funny, beautiful and slightly crazy. Loved her! Love this dress and she looks gorgeous. If you see the film, you will understand about the teeth…and the mouth size in general.

    • Mukel

      As a Canadian, I am always glad for the success of one of my compatriots, both real and fictional, in the harsh entertainment world south of the border! Although when Don proposed I was all “WTF????!?!?!?!?!?” as I think we all were. But I think she’s beautiful and I like where her character is going all of a sudden.

  11. vandalfan

    It looks kind of like someone crumpled up C3PO.

  12. Shiitake

    Gold lame’ exoskeleton.

  13. Leah

    Team Real Teeth.
    I’m so sick of chiclet mouth.

  14. Sillygirl

    I went to high school with her and in one of her year book photos she looks EXACTLY like Natalie Portman. She’s outgrown that resemblance- but still a lovely and stunning girl.

  15. Rubee

    She’s stunning!!! But the dress fabric resembles a raw-something… Idk… freshly poured caramel… decomposed alligator… Teeth-wise, I’m so over bleached teeth .

  16. ChaChaHeels

    The only thing wrong with her teeth is that they’re natural, straight teeth, the kind that used to be what most people had before bad food became the norm. Now so few people go without braces, caps, veneers, implants–we’ve forgotten what natural straight teeth look like. Also, this girl’s no ingenue. She’s made a long list of films and TV appearances, even in the US. She’s just a good character actress who’s done a lot of work over the last two decades, become very skilled, and found a good role on Mad Men…and that’s essentially what all the major players on that show have done, too.

    • Lindy

      What does bad food have to do with straight, or not, teeth? Her teeth are too long for her mouth is the problem, not the straightness of them.

  17. yeahandalso

    she was also quite good on Jack and Bobby on the WB which also had Roger Sterling and Joey from SCDP as well as a pre-fame Bradly Cooper. They’re all free online check it out

  18. Xandra Coe

    As a possessor of a gummy smile (so described by a past dentist), as well as what I call vampire fangs, I am also heartened by her refusal to “fix” her teeth.

  19. Taylor

    Lovvve it. I wish we saw more of her candid and red carpet style. She is gorgeous, and I adore her Mad Men character.